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14 March, 2013

Top 10 Rich Countries of the World In 2013

Every year as we know, each country has to increase its economy in order to make their country peaceful. In the world, some countries are rich and some are poor, it depends on their economy level. The huge organizations like IMF (International Monetary Funds) and World Bank are administering surveys every year, and then they just come up with the statistics that totally depends on the economy level of different companies. In those statistics, they come to know which country is going high and which is going down. Well, it is being clear now as the time is going too fast and the new generations are having total technologies, that the big countries are going down just because of their old powers are useless now, and it seems like that the small countries are having too much new technologies and enough powers and even education to go higher in the economical charts. In this post, we are going to show you top 10 rich countries of the world, as IMF has announced the statistics. We will show you the rankings that are based on GDP per capita.

 List Of Top 10 Rich Countries Of The World

1. Qatar
Flag of Qatar

Currency :  Qatar Riyal
Authorized Language :  Arabic etc
Land Covered :  11,571 KM2
GDP (Per capita) :  $98,329
Population :  1,853,563
Capital City :  Doha
Continent :  Asia
Doha City, Qatar
2. Luxembourg
Flag of Luxembourg

Currency :  Euro
Authorized Language :  French, German and Luxerbourgish etc
Land Covered :  2,586.4 km2
GDP (Per capita) :  $80,199
Population :  524,853
Capital City :  Luxembourg
Continent :  Europe
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
3. Singapore
Flag of Singapore

Currency :  Singapore Dollar
Authorized Language :  English, Malay, Tamil and Chinese etc
Land Covered :  710 km2
GDP (Per capita) :  $59,177
Population :  5,312,400
Capital City :  Singapore
Continent :  Asia
Singapore City, Singapore
4. Norway
Flag of Norway

Currency :  Norwegian Krone
Language :  Norwegian etc
Land Covered :  385,252 km2
GDP (Per capita) :  $53,470
Population :  5,033,675
Capital City :  Oslo
Continent :  Europe
Beauty of Norway
5. Brunei
Flag of Brunei

Currency :  Brunei Dollar
Authorized Language :  Behasa Melayu, Chinese and English etc
Land Covered :  5,765 km2
GDP (Per capita) :  $49,384
Population :  408,786
Capital City :  Bandar Seri Begawan
Continent :  Asia(South east)
Beautiful and Famous Mosque in Brunei
6. United Arab Emirates
Flag of U.A.E

Currency :  U.A.E Dirham
Authorized Language :  Arabic etc
Land Covered :  83,600 km2
GDP (Per capita) :  $48,729
Population :  8,264,070
Capital City :  Abu Dhabi
Continent :  Asia
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
7. United States of America
Flag of U.S.A

Currency :  US Dollar ($)
Authorized Language :  English etc
Land Covered :  9,826,675 km2
GDP (Per capita) :  $48,328
Population :  313,042,000
Capital City :  Washington D.C 
Continent :  North America
Washington D.C, U.S.A
8. Hong Kong
Flag of Hong Kong

Currency :  Hong Kong Dollar
Authorized Language :  English and Chinese etc
Land Covered :  1,104 km2
GDP (Per capita) :  $49,417
Population :  7,061,200
Capital City :  None
Continent :  Asia
Hong Kong
9. Switzerland
Flag of Switzerland

Currency :  Swiss Franc
Authorized Language :  Italian, German and French etc
Land Covered :  41,285 km2
GDP (Per capita) :  $43,369
Population :  8,000,000
Capital City :  Bern
Continent :  Europe
Beauty of Switzerland
10. Netherlands
Flag of Netherlands

Currency :  Euro, US Dollar
Authorized Language :  Dutch etc
Land Covered :  41,543 km2
GDP (Per capita) :  $42,183
Population :  16,751,323
Capital City :  Amsterdam
Continent :  Europe
Amsterdam, Netherlands


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