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02 September, 2011

How To Create A Blog - Getting Started

They say that "Getting Started is the most difficult thing" because once you get started every thing gets easier and easier for you, Let's take an example of a balloon, If you pop air into a balloon, You will figure out that first two breaths are the hardest part and once you finish the first two breaths, it becomes fairly easy for you to fill the rest of the balloon, The same applies to blogging, Getting started and creating and launching a blog is the most crucial and difficult part once you get started every thing get's easier and easier for you.

Blogging as I have told you several times before is the road to riches, You can make from a hundred of dollars to a millions of dollars each month.

How Do I Make Money Online?

Blogging has dramatically changed my life, I went from nothing to running one of most profitable blogs in my country, I make money online by selling multiple products and running multiple websites, I will talk about products later as I will save the best for later, Talking about websites, two of my main blogs, which make me most profit are and, I mostly use PPC advertising networks and affiliate marketing to generate revenue from my blogs. Here are some of the adverting Networks I use:
1. Adsense - Advertising Network 
2. Chitika - US based Advertising Network 
3. Infolinks - Inline Advertising Network 
4. Plimus And Clickbank (Affiliate Marketing) 
5. BuySellAds
 I also use other advertising network too, but most of the revenue is generated by the above advertising networks.

Subdomain VS Custom Domain

I get it asked alot of times, if one should choose a Subdomain or Custom domains, Subdomains are usually free and you will get a domain name like , where as custom domains look like

Which Is Better Subdomain Or Custom Domain?

Well I won't talk on it very much but I would just say that the biggest mistake I made in my blogging career is that I blogged on a subdomain, If I had converted to converted to a custom domain before, I would have made a much much more profit than before. The biggest disadvantage of a subdomain is the "lack of ownership", the domain being yours is not yours, it's the property of your CMS such as or and the can't delete it whenever they want.

Blogger And Wordpress Report Abuse 

Both blogger and wordpress have a report abuse option, which was originally made to report spam blogs to blogger and wordpress, but the problem is that both blogger and wordpress use automatic spam detection, which how works is that when a certain amount of blog is reported certain number of times get's deleted automatically. Seriously I have heard tons and tons of stories when blogs have been deleted by both blogger and wordpress due to the reason that some one reported their blog as spam couple of times.

Registering A Domain 

So by now, You by now might have known the importance of a custom domain, Buying a good domain with your proper keywords in it will make your work alot easier to rank in the search engines, So Go ahead and get a good domain first, I would recommend you to buy a Domain from Godaddy as it's quite reliable and the leader in this business. You can get a domain name for about 10$ a year.

Click here to get a domain From Godaddy

Here is a quick video, which will show you step by step on how to register a domain with Godaddy.

Hosting Website

Now once you own a domain, You would need a webhosting which would host your webpages, Honestly I have tried over 10 different webhosting sites and have found Hostgator for me. is also hosted on hostgator.

Why Hostgator?

  • Hostgator is extremly secure, The kernel is updated and they have latest security features and softwares installed.
  • Hostgator guarantee's 99.9% uptime.
  • Hostgator has a huge support team to help you out with issues you face.

Hostgator 25% Discount Coupon

You can get a 25% discount on Hostgator hosting by simply entering the following coupon on the registration page:

Installing Wordpress

The last thing you need to do is to install wordpress, For that you don't need to worry, Just send an email to and they will do it for you.

Congratulations, You have created your first blog.


  1. I have started my blog but due to no visitor i deleted it. How can i increase my blog traffic. Can you help me ? Is there any advertisement site which pay money on monthly basis ?


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