Top Great Tips To Boost Your Website's Alexa Rank

boost alexa rank

Alexa rank is one of the most important factors while estimating a website's search engine authority, amount of traffic etc. However Alexa only counts the traffic when a user visits a website with the Alexa toolbar installed making the system extremely accurate. The major reason why an Alexa rank is extremely important because Advertisers look for you Alexa rank when advertising, A great example of this is Buysellads. The higher the Alexa rank the more AdBlock will be sold.

Update: Alexa has announced to finally be discontinued in May, 2022.

So with that being sad in this article I will give you 10 great tips to boost your blog's Alexa rank. All of the methods are tested and are recommended by experts.

10 Great Tip To Boost Your Blog's Alexa Rank?

Install Alexa Toolbar - As I mentioned above that Alexa measures traffic from an Alexa toolbar, Therefore what you should do in the first place is to install the toolbar and make your routing to visit your website with that toolbar being installed.

Tip 2 - Update Regularly - 

This is one of the best tips I can give in order to increase your boost your Website's alexa rank. Updating as far as SEO is concerned is one of the most important SEO optimization practices. I have mentioned it's importance tons and tons of times in my previous post.

Tip 3 - Add Alexa Widget

It has been recommended by many marketing experts to add an Alexa widget to your homepage.

Tip 4 - Add Your Website To Alexa.

If you haven't added your website to Alexa, You are doing one of the biggest mistakes. Register for an Alexa account and get your website added there.

Tip 5 - Encourage Readers To Write Testimonials

You should encourage your readers to write more and more testimonials on Alexa, This can dramatically boost your website's Alexa rank.

Tip 6 - Increase Backlinks To Your Website

Try to get more and more backlinks to your website, It will not only boost your website's Alexa ranking, however it will also increase your website's traffic and help you build authority in search engines.

Tip 7 - Encourage visits to your blog from other bloggers

If you have a good social circle with bloggers, Ask them to visit your blog regularly as most of them would have the Alexa toolbar installed.

Tip 8 - Get Listed In DMOZ is probably one of the highest and most top rated directory on the internet. Most of the websites which are listed in DMOZ have Alexa rank less than 10,000.

Tip 9 - Get Listed In Paid Directories

Paid directories will help you a lot in improving your Alexa rank as they will have quality backlinks.

I hope you have liked my tips to boost your website's Alexa rank, Simply implement these techniques and watch the boost in your website's Alexa rank.
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