20+ High PR DoFollow Social Bookmarking Websites


Since the advent of the Google's panda effect, Lots of bloggers have migrated their attention towards social bookmarking websites. Social Bookmarking websites can get you tons of traffic and backlinks if used properly. If you are submitting your links to a website have no-follow tag, It won't help you much in terms of improving your rankings. However if a social bookmarking website contains both a high pagerank and is dofollow, It's certainly worth your attention.

Therefore in this article I will publish a list of high PR do follow social bookmarking websites which will help you getting quality backlinks and improving your rankings.

List Of High PR DoFollow Social Bookmarking Websites

Here is the list of high pr dofollow social bookmarking websites. However before you proceed you might be interested in reading the following post - Submit your post to multiple social bookmarking sites at once.

1. SlashDot (PR 8 )

2. Digg (PR 8 )

3. Technorati (PR 8 )

4. Tumblr (PR 8 )

5. Mixx PR 8 )

6. Reddit (PR 8 )

7. Folkd (PR 7)

8. Multiply (PR 7)

9. Newsvine (PR 7)

10. Jumptags (PR 7)

11. Magnolia (PR 6)

12. Spurl (PR 6)

13. Diigo (PR 6)

14. Dzone (PR 6)

15. Kwoff (PR 6)

16. Bookmarks (PR 6)

17. Searchles (PR 5)

18. Dotnetkicks (PR 5)

19. Plime (PR 5)

20. Clipclip (PR 5)

If you know any other high pr social bookmarking websites, Feel free to share with us.

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