6 Effective Ways To Make Money Blogging In 2012

There is alot that has been and will be changed in the year 2012. One of the biggest change is the amount of competition. There are almost more than 20k+ blogs being created every day. And with that much amount of competition it is becoming difficult and difficult for bloggers to get traffic and make money. However what one should do is not to limit himself to one earning resource. And plan on creating new earning resources. So in this article I will explain six effective ways to make money blogging In 2012. 

Make Money Blogging In 2012

Create Your Own product

2011 was not a good year for me in terms of blogging, My infolinks, adsense account got banned. Decreasing my income by over 2000$. But what kept me alive were my products "A Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking" and "Facebook Hacking Course". No matter what happens to google algorithm, Your own product will be your number one supporter. Therefore plan on creating your product such as e-book, A video series etc.

Choose The Right Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs as I have mentioned before are one of the best ways to make money blogging. However lots of bloggers fail to make money with affiliate marketing because they don't choose the right affiliate program. Try to find a product with good commission rate(50% and above) and try promoting it with banners and posts. Webhosting affiliate programs work very well and they also have a higher payout.

Create A Membership Website

Membership websites are best ways to generate passive income. If you take closer look at the Top bloggers, You will find that the most money they make is by selling their own product or by their membership website. Start by looking at other membership websites on your niche, Start studying them and built your own. Though it might cost your few hundred bucks when starting, however you will be get paid continuously through rest of the 2012.

CPA Leads

CPA means Cost per action. If other money making methods are not working for you. Then you should probably try CPA leads. Depending upon the network you choose you will have to ask your readers to fill out a survey or to enter your email address and you will be paid for it.

Selling Ad Space

If you have'nt started monetizing your adspace yet, 2012 is the right year to do that. Signup for adnetworks like buysellads.com and advertisespace.com and place the banners at the top of your webpage. As it will attract lots of advetisers and they will be more likely to buy your adspace.

Sell Links On Your Blog

This method is not really recommended as it may effect your page rank. However if your blog has lots of traffic and you have a good alexa rank. You should try selling No follow links. Selling links will dramatically increase your revenue.
Do you have any other plans to make money blogging in 2012, Do share with us via comments.

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