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19 January, 2012

Top 10 Earning Websites Of 2011

We recently wrote a post on Top 10 earning blogs of 2011, However in this post we will focus on top 10 earnings websites of 2011, The reason why I am publishing this post is to get you inspired that you can also built your brand today and some day you can also make to 10 earning websites of 2011, Remember that success alwas does not comes from luck, Every successful person is not lucky. If you don't have a blog yet start it now.

Here is the list of Top 10 Earning Websites Of 2011:

Top 10 Earning Websites of 2011

1. Amazon

Amazon tops the 2011 list, with revenue over $24,509,000,000 this year.

2. Google 

Google makes second, with annual revenue of over $23,650,560,000. You might be surprised to see Google at the second, However this is due to the popularity facebook gained in 2011.

3. Ebay

Ebay is similar to Amazon, Ebay manages to acquire the third position in 2011 list of top 10 earning websites, It is reported that ebay made $8,290,000,000 this year. 

4. Yahoo

Once yahoo was the biggest saerch engine, however now google has dominated the industry, but still yahoo manages to acquire the fourth position. Yahoo is constantly adding new features in order to improve it's revenue. It is reported that yahoo made $7,200,000,000 in 2011.

5. MSN/Live

The search engine of msn gained lots of popularity in the year 2011 as a result of which MSN makes to this list. It is reported that MSN made $3,214,000,000 in 2011, which is quite low compared to However it was reported that bloggers were received tons of traffic from 

6. PayPal

Paypal is one the safest and securing payment processors, it helps user make payments securely without exposing their credit card numbers. It is reported that paypal made $2,250,000,000 in 2011. Which means that almost 71$ per second.

7. iTunes

iTunes obtains 7th position on the list, It's one of the most popular and widely used music players for apple. It is reported that it made $1,900,000,000 in 2011, which means almost 60$ per second.

8. Reutors

It's amazing to see that reurtos has gained popularity more quicker than any other website, it's alexa is around 180 and it makes $1,892,000,000 this year. 

9. Priceline

It is reported that priceline made $1,884,000,000 in 2011, which almost means 58$.

10. Expedia

Expedia obtains the tenth position by generating revenue of $1,447,000,000 in 2011.

By looking at the top 10 earning websites you would surely wonder why Google is on the second, it's because amazon has dramatically increased it's revenue in 2011 and is at the top of the list.


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