Top 20 High Paying Google Adsense Keywords

high paying google adsense keywords

Google AdSense is one of the best PPC Network, It offers the greatest revenue share and higher CPM rates then all other advertising networks. However still there are lots of people who complain that they cannot earn a good amount of money with google AdSense despite of having good amount of traffic. Integrating high paying google AdSense keywords in to your posts can increase your revenue by a huge extent. High paying Google AdSense keywords are those keywords that have a very high CPC or CPM. Below I am sharing some of these Most expensive Google AdSense Keywords:

High Paying Google AdSense Keywords

The following keywords are Google AdSense highest paying keywords which were responsible for the generation of 33.32 billion dollars revenue last year. All you need to do is to integrate these keywords in to your posts and you will see a dramatic increase in your revenue.

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