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15 February, 2012

30 Ways To Increase Twitter Followers For Free - Part 1

What started as a platform for micro-blogging has now become a a necessity for everyone who hopes and wishes to connect with people on a more mutual level. Twitter, one of the most popular social networking sites, has gained a lot more popularity than was wished for when it started. It has become a simple, straightforward and an easy way to share your thoughts with the people you know (and those you don't).

Many of us have thought of collecting fame and money through this channel, driving traffic into our blogs and websites, making sure that when we spoke, people listened. But that isn't really going to happen if we don't have enough followers. After all, 'followers' (or stalkers, if you will) are what make the world go around. So, in this post, we are going to tell you of 10 ways to increaseTwitter followers for free.

Look Professional

Many of us look the other way when filling out our Twitter forms and hence, pictures of old cars and bikes, missed pets and favorite cartoons pop up as our profile pictures. This is a big "no, no" for those of you who are trying to make it big. For a person who doesn't know you personally, this isn't going to be acceptable and you need to look more professional if you are targeting large masses. We will you to use a more professional looking profile picture.
Fill out the form carefully and with open eyes. This will help the person sitting on the other side of the world to understand your purpose better, increasing the chances of them hitting the "follow" tab.

Tweet and Re-Tweet

Prove to the world that you are more than capable of being regular and on time. Show them your honesty to your purpose. Re-Tweet quality tweets and encourage your followers to do the same. This will help to spread your name around by yielding your @username resulting in more click-backs to your profile. However, don't spam. This will only force your followers to get rid of you.

Be Expressive

Remember, you have only 140 characters on Twitter so use them wisely. Be expressive, informative and funny. Let your followers know your devotion by using the language that your followers can understand. Tweet frequently but (and we cannot stress this point enough) DON'T SPAM! We figure one tweet is enough if you time it right and according to your followers' tweeting-time habits.
Don't be boring, don't complain like a spoiled brat, don't tweet mundane, everyday nuisance like "watching a movie", "studying", blah blah blah. This will only annoy your followers. Add #hash tags to your tweets. Add special characters. Leave some space in your tweets incase someone ever wants to re-tweet them. Play the field a little and don't be hasty. That's a complete recipe for disaster.

Don't Get Too Clingy

Meet people, respond to them, be friendly, smile but don't let your guard down. Following people will get you more followers but having an excessive amount of people you are following is bad for your reputation. Instead, follow people who are already accustomed to the values of Twitter and are famous for their tweets. And request them to follow you as well.
However, mostly when someone gets an overwhelming response from their followers, they stop replying to their tweets. Twitter is like a commitment, see it through and you will be taken aback by the number of open arms you find on it. So, take out time to respond to each of your followers individually.

Learn From The Best

Follow the top Twitter users with your likes and interests, see what trends they are applying in their own tweets, what they are talking about, what's making them click, what's hot and you may find inspiration for your own tweets. Never take the word of the wise for granted. Learn from them. Jump into conversations, talk about recent events, MAKE YOUR PRESENCE KNOWN, this will help you build your reputation.

Use Media To Attract Followers

Photograph everything interesting thing you see and put it up on your profile. This acts like Candy for the Eye and it attracts more people to follow you. Many people like checking out pictures and images rather than reading tweets. And these images get re-tweeted way too often and many people would visit your profile looking for more images.

Twitter Tools

Discover third-party tools and add more functionality to your profile, a very beneficial technique for users who dream to make it big and become a credible figure on Twitter.

Big Tweet: Break free from the 140 character limit, Big Tweet allows you to use about 240 characters in your tweets.

TwitPic: Post images with your tweets.

Qwitter: Find out who has un-followed you.

Manageflitter: Clean up and manage your followers with multiply options at the tip of your fingers.

Twitter Grader: Grades, ranks and provides additional information about other accounts.

SocialOomph: Provides multiply features that you wouldn't want to miss.

TwitterMeme: Keeps you within the loop by informing you about the latest topics.

Contest Away!

Offer give-aways and hold contests if you have a blog or a website through which you can interact with your followers. The notion is pretty simple, a classic idea of what people would do for free stuff. Trust us, within the time-frame of your contest, your going to get hits on your profile like never before.
The give-away doesn't have to be extraordinary. You can offer free ebooks or ad spaces on your blogs and you will still get a substantial number of followers waiting in line for your free give-away.

Link It Up!

Link your Twitter profile to websites like Digg, Facebook, LinkedIn. Add your Twitter link to blogs, websites, emails and all your profiles. Mention it on your business card, contact card, presentations etc. This will result in more visits and clicks on your profile. More people are going to familiarize themselves with your work through your Twitter profile.

Search And Search Some More!

Search for people who have the same interests as you do and charm them into following you. Take full advantage of this thing called "the Search bar". Its free of cost and fairly easy to use.


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