Increase Your AdSense Earnings - Best Adsense AdPlacement

Increase Your AdSense Earnings

All bloggers have the same dream; write their way to fame and make some hard earned cash along the way. But most bloggers fail to do so as the best minds in the world are not made to earn money but to spread information of the ages. Unless, we tell you how to cash your brilliance out of AdSense.

The idea is simple really, people don't click on ads that they cannot see. Thus, AdSense ad positioning comes in handy and we are about to reveal to you the best ways to maximize your income. Believe it or not, ad positioning can make a world of difference on your pocket money. Of course, the ad positioning works according to the nature of your blog, the traffic you get and your traffic source.

Google inc. takes AdSense ad positioning and sizing very very seriously, which is the reason why they conducted a full-fledged research. The heatmap below is a result of their research and observations. It shows the best and hottest points where you can place ads on your blog.

Increase Your AdSense Earnings

Red: Highest AdSense CTR

Orange: Average AdSense CTR

Yellow: Low AdSense CTR

White: Very Low AdSense CTR

So, the best thing for you do is hit the hottest spots. That way your revenue is going to double is you choose it right. Secondly, we would ask you to consider using the following ad sizes for particular ad positions:

Below Header: 728 x 90 ad unit
Above Post: 336 x 280 ad unit
Sidebar, Top Position: 300 x 250 ad unit

While this works for most blogs but as we mentioned before, it also varies from blog to blog. We would suggest you to use these and experiment and see what works for you. Give us a shout out in either case.

Happy Earning! :)
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