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15 February, 2012

Minor PageRank Update 6th Feb 2012

Google updated PageRank of many blogs and websites on the 6th of this month. This update was the first of the handful would be releasing this year. It came to many as a surprise but it wasn't unexpected. Google does have a reputation of releasing new PR updates every few months.

PageRank is an important term in a website owners' dictionary, in fact, for some this is the first and only term valuable enough to be remembered. And when PageRanks become a religion for the determined, they forget to see the voids within. The rest of the internet world becomes obsolete. PR is basically what can take you to the stars or push you the ground. Its a representation of the credibility, quality and popularity of your website/blog. Some experts even believe that it can increase the AdSense click rate.

The last update was unveiled in November 2011 and since then Google has tried a bit too hard to convince website/blog owners that PR has nothing to do with search engines or traffic ranking but most can't help but worry about it. According to our sources, most new sites have received good page ranks (probably, to keep them hooked to blogging and Google). Old sites, however, have received a demotion for an update (probably, to build their determination to keep quality on the front row).

Probable Causes Why Your PageRank Dropped

1. If you have a high PageRank, you can sell links for a mutual benefit.

2. Lack of backlinks to your site.

3. Lack of "quality backlinks" to your site.

To Overcome These Imperfections You Must:

1. Setup a Feed Burner.

2. Consider doing more Guest Posting.

3. Build quality Backlinks.

4. Increase Inbound links, Decrease Outbound links.

Ultimately, its for Google to decide what your PageRank must be. All you can do is try!

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