5 YouTube Tips to Keep Videos Alive

YouTube Tips to Keep Videos Alive

YouTube, as always, is an unbeatable video website that has reached countless milestones. Despite issues of copyright infringements and the fear of oversaturation, a lot of online users are still on the platform uploading video after video. However, the majority of video uploaders are remiss on techniques that can successfully launch their videos to the point of becoming viral. They only think in terms of YouTube views and not on longevity. What they need are techniques that will help them see the big picture of a YouTube success.

Why not try these tried and tested strategies?

  1. Piggy Back Technique

The piggy back technique pertains to riding on the limelight of others. There are two ways to do it. First is to leverage your video to what is already trending or popular online. You want to be swept together with the popular videos or topics that people are currently searching for. You will appear in the search results which will give you a bigger chance to get clicked and viewed. Second is to post video responses to niche-related YouTube channels. 

  1. Relevant Online Communities

Look for popular and relevant online communities where there is a pool of users. You can sign up for Digg or Reddit and start establishing relationships with community members. When the time is right, you can start sharing your videos and create a discussion around it.  It is important to share your videos outside the realm of YouTube. There are endless possibilities on forums and other types of online communities.

  1. Build Subscriber Base

Just as celebrities need fans, video owners need viewers and subscribers as well. They are the ones who will see your news feed such as video likes, favourites and new uploads. And you can’t gather a lot of these people if you have crappy video content with a sorry number of YouTube views, or if you don’t do the next strategy below.

  1. Respond

This strategy is repeated in the nth time on video blogs but still there are those people who are too smug and complacent that they neglect or deliberately ignore comments. What are they thinking? Unless you are a popular music artist like Bieber, your videos need a voice or people will stop commenting on your other videos. This is not limited to YouTube. You need to respond to comments about your videos even on blogs or forums as well.

  1. Link your videos

This is a very valuable strategy if you want to shine a light on your other videos in your video library. You can use annotations or place video links on the description box. You can put links to related videos or previous videos with a lot of YouTube views.
These tips have been written repeatedly, yet only a few tried to apply it to their YouTube plans. Maybe it’s no longer about strategies but a case of idleness.
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