Do Alexa Widgets Increase Your Alexa Ranking?

increase alexa ranking via widgets

Most of the people on the internet tell you that by adding Alexa widgets to your blog will dramatically increase your Alexa ranking. However, we I would like to explain you is that there are sites like UpMyRank i.e a service in which traffic is exchanged to different domains, well this service is fake and the rankings can't get higher with them. Its better to avoid them rather then wasting your thousands of dollars on it.

Update: Alexa has announced to finally be discontinued in May, 2022.

Here is what alexa say's about putting alexa widgets on your blog's:

"Then there are the blogs that tell you to put one of our Alexa Widgets on your site. They all claim that your rank will improve dramatically. But, of course, it doesn't work. That would be ridiculous, right? But you wouldn't know that if you read these blogs."

I can't remember how many times I have seen the following titles, "How To Boost Your Alexa Rankings", How To Increase Your Alexa rankings, It's really amazing to see that most of the people really don't know how alexa work and what will increase alexa rank of their blogs in a guaranteed way.

Their is a saying that "Common sense is not common in common people" and it's really amazing to see that how many people fall for this. Alexa ranks websites on the basis of traffic, not on the basis of alexa widgets.

If you are really interested in increasing your alexa rankings, I would recommend you reading the following post:

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