How To Really Increase Alexa Rankings?

I can't remember how many times I ahve seen the following titles, "How To Boost Your Alexa Rankings", How To Increase Your Alexa rankings, It's really amazing to see that most of the people really don't know how alexa work and what will increase alexa rank of their blogs in a guaranteed way. I will quote from alexa's official blog regarding what they say about increasing the alexa rank.

Do Alexa Rank Boosting Services Work?

increase alexa rank

Their are countless number of services on the internet that charge for increasing alexa rankings, that promise that they can easily increase your alexa rank, however according to alexa's official blog's, all of these services are scam. Here is the official statement from Alexa:

Of course we can't forget the people who will charge you to increase your rank. I wonder how much money these services have made over the years. I can tell you with absolute certainty, that you may as well burn your money in a voodoo traffic pyre while chanting "Alexa" over and over. Maybe that will work. But these programs definitely don't and you can look at their traffic rank as proof. If that isn't enough to convince you, how about this... even trying to boost your rank through these means is resorting to fraud. That is no way to run a business. And for those wicked souls who recommend pinging, port scanning or crawling our site to boost your rank, cut it out. Hacking our site is not just a waste of time, it is a crime .

So How To Really Increase Your Alexa Ranking?

Here is what alexa's offical blog say about increasing alexa's rankings:

So, how do you increase your Alexa Rank? Get more traffic to your site. It is that simple. Write that in your blogs. It might not get you as many readers as "Increase your Rank in 3 Easy Steps" but at least it will be true

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