How to Improve Market Targeting Through Facebook Custom Audiences

merket targeting through facebook custom audience
You may know about Facebook high-class reach in all over the world. As you know, Facebook is a social networking site, and now a days also helping businesses to get promoted through it. You can see with this advantage of Facebook, things are really moving around just because to encourage more and more peoples to promote the businesses through them. Exactly anybody can trust on Facebook now, because this site has become very much famous and giving us more opportunities increasingly. Facebook's quarterly report tells us that Facebook had more than 500,000 pages to promote their business around, and they just got 30% new advertisers. It seems like Facebook is not facing any such kind of big loss, as we were expecting. It is clear that Facebook could still attract their users with whatever opportunities they like.

What is Facebook Custom Audiences?

Just some days ago, Facebook has introduced the new feature called "Facebook Custom Audiences". The benefits of this feature are listed below:

  •  It could promote your businesses flexibly everywhere.
  •  It could bring you more audience for your business without any particular limits.
This feature could be used for advertising that would help your businesses to reach on those destinations that are your expectations or maybe out of your thoughts, and this feature is also can be used for targeting, it means the audience of your business would grow up and stay maintained.

If you really want to check it out, follow the instructions below:

 1. Go to Facebook's Ad Manager and then Download Power Editor from there (Google Chrome is Recommended).
 2. Now go to Custom Audiences from the Ad manager.

facebook custom audience
"Create Audience" Dialogue Box

Once you will click on the Custom Audiences, a dialogue box would appear that would help you to create a list of users, and it is important for you to connect with the users. You can create a list of users via Email, ID or Phone Number (for example:- you can get email addresses from email lead lists or something related to that).

Well, overall it is the great opportunity for those who are willing to take their businesses to the high-level. Of course! It is the right place for connecting with those customers that are unapproachable. This the best way for you. Make a hit on it!

Any other benefits with this feature?

Yes sure! Facebook have joined the group of marketing companies (like Datalogix, Epsilon, BlueKai, and Acxiom etc) to touch the longest height of this new promotion's functionality. So, it would allow any business to work with these companies to use the data that they accumulate and customize the campaigns of them through this Custom Audiences.

Facebook have also given another benefit that they would provide a well pre-defined list of customers for businesses that would be present there. You can say those lists would include customers that would like to buy a new Volkswagen, or maybe a fashion buyers and so on. One more thing, that those companies which are not in group with Facebook would also be able to use the customer's data.

Isn't it the righteous thing for you guys? I hope this feature would really rock you world by solving your many business problem. What are you waiting for? Just get on it! :)
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