Tips To Keep Your Business Safe From Cyber Attacks

Are you doing your business online? Well, protecting it - is most important thing now, because world has now become so infected with viruses, malwares, thieves and bad hackers. They must be willing to destroy your business, but before it happens, you have to secure your business from such type of viruses and malwares. Here we are gonna give you some tips, so you can easily save your business from cyber-based attacks. Please concentrate on them and follow them if you feel your online business is not secured.

1. You must lock your Wi-Fi/Wireless.

Are you feeling that you are losing data from your computer even when you know that nobody touches it? If yes, then you are a victim of War Driving. You must have heard about this technique. Well, you are always been asking to put a complicated username and password to your Wi-Fi connections, because you have no idea that the car carrying hackers could arrive anytime in your street and then they could steal anything with their powerful antennas as soon as they would find a vulnerable Wi-Fi connection. A problem to this solution is written below.


You must have to update your Wi-Fi to the most trustful and reliable flag and you are free to enable Wire Equivalent Privacy 2 (WAP2) too, that has no more encryption key and that would made it more difficult for a hacker to break in. One more best solution is to get transferred from a wireless connection to the trusted wire connection, so it would not let the hacker to break in, but if he/she thinks to do that, he must have to access through hacking modem ports or plugging in to the physical outlets, which he/she would never try to do except if you still got an old issue to be resolved.

2. You must have to encrypt your data.

Some most important information just like credit card numbers, bank routing digits, employee's social security numbers and account information is not being transmitted all over the internet, and that is what the basic element of responsibility by the dangerous hacker. If your important data is not encrypted, a hacker could attack anytime with powerful viruses and malwares while you are using your system. It would log off your system after 15 minutes and when you will come back, you will see none of your personal data and information on your system. Here is the important solution below:


You have to turn-on full-disk encryption, that is nowadays available with the newly modified systems and it is the most important thing that you need. When your disk encryption would be completed, you should not be worried about your data because it would be safe and secured.

3. You must educate your employees

How do you feel when you get an good-looking email from anonymous while enjoying a cup of a tea? Feels Good? Well, a good looking email could cost you a heavy loss. You can lose every confidential details from the computer of your employees or their systems might get corrupted which you even can't afford. Did you ever think about that? If not, then you could be targeted by those emails that are carrying heavy viruses and actually they are scammers who do tricks to make anyone fool. You should look at the solution below to stay away out of these problems.


You must have to increase some knowledge among your staff to tell them not to click on such kind of unknown links or must not access the unknown emails. You must have to call a meeting of your staff under the IT expert to educate them about these kind of potential threats that could occur by accessing any unknown emails or by clicking on such kind of unknown links. Remember: Prevention is better than the solution to the problem.

4. You must have installed Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware.

Well, there are many peoples around who are knowing that the world is captured by many different kind of viruses and malwares. Your computer could be infected if you are accessing any anonymous emails or going to any website that requires your username and password. Well, malicious software and viruses are actually carrying a code that could run on your background and could capture the whole information. For example: the apps which requires your username and password to log-in to your social account. Your information could directly transfer to the hacker.


You must have to install any well-known Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware, and run them even after you made any download from internet. Always keep scanning your computer, so it would be safe from dangerous viruses and malware attacks.

Hope these solutions will work the best for you. 
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