How to Verify Payza Account In Pakistan?

Today, we will explain you how to verify Payza Account in Pakistan (Payza also known as "AlertPay" ). We all know the issues that are being faced by Payza nowadays regarding those banking operations, customer support and specially just amount of delays in payments. People started to think that Payza is a scam or soon will turn in to scam, but. It is not like that in a way you think, actually it is a temporary situation and soon we will see the payment processor would be much like Paypal's quality. Admit it!

Now, let's learn about the methods of withdrawing your money from Payza(AlertPay).

Withdraw Money From Payza via Bank Wire

Payza gives an opportunity to the account holders to withdraw your money directly in to your local bank account. In order to do that, first verify your account to move forward.
For verification, you need to deposit some money in to your Payza account simply via your local bank account or Credit Card.

Verification is easy. Follow the steps to do so:

Step 1: Login to your Payza account and simply click on "Deposit" tab.

Step 2: Enter the amount that you want to transfer (in the required field) and click 'Next'.

Step 3: Now, you will be asked for the confirmation, simply click on 'Accept' check-box and press the 'confirm' button.

Step 4: Now, some necessary bank details will be shown that you have to show to your local bank staff in order to complete the transaction without any difficulties.

When you will got your money in to your account, then surely your account is instantly verified. Now you are free to withdraw your money easily and comfortably.

Follow the instructions to withdraw your money from your Payza account:

Step 1: Login to your account and click on 'Withdraw Funds' tab.

Step 2: Click on 'Bank-wire' link, and a form will appear with your verified bank account and the amount that you want to withdraw.

Step 3: Now enter the amount that you want to withdraw, and select your bank account simply from the drop-down list menu and click 'Next'. 

Step 4: Now it would ask for the confirmation, so just click at 'Withdraw' and it would send your money within 2-4 busniess days atleast. $15 will be charged for the transaction. You're done!

In our next post, we will explain you how to Withdraw Money From Payza via Credit Card. Stay tuned. Kindly let us know the feedback for this post. 

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