Withdraw Money From Payza Account via Payza Prepaid Debit Card

In our previous post, we explained you to Withdraw Money From Payza Account via Credit Card. But, in this post we are going to explain you to Withdraw Money From Payza Account via Payza Prepaid Debit Card. Look, this is the last method of withdrawing money from Payza Account till now. If you don't have any local bank account or credit card then this one is also a fantastic option to withdraw money from Payza Account, specially if you are residing in Pakistan or anywhere around the world.

We are explaining you through the step-by-step easy tutorial, kindly concentrate! :)
You must have an account with ID Card name and Address in order to get the card. Secondly, your account should contain $20 in it to be eligible for the card.
Step 1: Login to your Account first and click on "Order The Card" button.

Step 2: Now two card options will be displayed, select "USD Prepaid Card" and the next screen will be displayed.

Step 3: Now on the next page, you will see a form that you have to fill but you must have two important documents for the verification of your account; first 'ID Card (Nadra ID Card if you are residing in Pakistan)' and a copy of 'Utility Bill (for example; Electricity Bill, Gas Bill or Telephone Bill)' for the verification of your home address. Only scan the backside of ID card and front side of Utility Bill, and also make sure that the Utility Bill has the same name which is written on your ID Card. Now if you have both documents perfectly and have scanned them, upload them by clicking on 'Browse' button. Now select the 'Government Issue ID' from the dropdown list and enter your ID number correctly. Make sure to fill all the fields of the form and click "Next" button.

Step 4: On the very next page, provide the same shipping address which is written on your Utility Bill. Enter the correct postal code and click "Next" button.

Step 5: Now, it is the final page that would ask you for payment and PIN Code. If your account has atleast $20 in it exactly, then enter the PIN code which you will use while using the card in to the ATM.

Step 6: Now you are completed with all the steps and the page will finally show the "Congratulations" message in the end. now your card will be shipped within 20-60 days, but if it takes more than that, then kindly feel free to contact Payza Customer Support for help and ask them to send another card for free.

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