How To Get Do-Follow High PageRank 8, PageRank 9 Backlinks?

We are nowadays is looking for backlinks that helps us to improve our search engine and Alexa rankings, alongwith Google Pagerank. But the question is 'How can we get those high PR do-follow backlinks?'. This is what we are going to discuss here now.

There were many forums in the past that were providing High PR (like PR 8 or 9) Do-Follow backlinks. It has to be cleared that it is never easy to gain some backlinks with the PR 9 or PR 10. Hence, Google has reduced the PageRank of many forums that were doing it as a business by selling and providing backlinks to many blogs and websites. However, there are some tricks and techniques to gain do-follow backlinks of PR 6, PR 7, PR 8 and PR 9.

High PR 9 Backlinks

To gain the High PR 9 backlink for your blog or website, you have to be a Youtube Partner. A Youtube Partner gets some additional features such as:
Customized Channel Design

  • Youtube Partner is able to use ads on videos
  • Youtube Partner is able to link back to their blog/website directly from the channel
  • Youtube Partner gets branding features on his channel
If you are a Youtube Partner or knows someone who is a Youtube Partner, than it makes it easier for you to get a High PR 9 backlink from there by linking from a channel to your blog/website. Remember, High PR backlinks make a chance for you to increase your website's/blog's Google PR.

It allows you to create your own account and provides an option for you to add links back to your blog or website. It is a High PR 9 website and getting a backlink from it is worth trying. It is quiet useful.

As like, it allows you to create an acccount and link your website/blog from it and it's Google PR is 9. But however, its backlink might not be a do-follow one, but it is great to give it a try. It could be very useful.

High PR 8 and 7 Backlinks

It looks easier to get do-follow High PR 8 backlinks in comparison with getting High PR 9 backlinks, but it could be difficult at times. Its a great idea to search for High PR 8 websites, making accounts/profiles there and linking from them to your websites/blogs.

Almost 90% articles on Wikipedia seems to have Google PR 7. Wikipedia allows you to edit a article as after signing-up and you can edit their posts. If there are that are related to your stuff, you can add reference to  it by linking back to your blog. 
Note: Be sure not to deface/spam Wikipedia's articles.

High PR 6 Backlinks

In comparison with gaining other High PR backlinks, its easier to get PR 6 backlinks. Thus, there are numerous blogs that are allowing guest posting on them, and the guest blogger is allowed to link back to his/her own blog. Even there are many blogs on which you can comment and gain many backlinks. Below is the list of High PR 6 blogs:
We will try our best to collect more High PR blogs and provide you the list of them. 

Hopefully, these tricks are going to work for you as they are very much useful.

Stay tuned for more SEO stuff!

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