What Is Google HummingBird And What Are Its Effects?

Google HummingBird

Google has just unveiled its new algorithm which is known as 'HummingBird'. There is a lot of confusion out there after hearing about this new algorithm that has arrived and everyone is thinking that SEO will become a toughest part to get through now. Many bloggers are pressurized after the arrival of this algorithm, as they're worried about the heavy reduction in their daily traffic. Let's discuss about it!

It looks like the HummingBird algorithm will just work differently. Hence, Google's guidelines will remain same in quality. Below are some more parts of information that you need to know about this HummingBird Google algorithm.

HummingBird's Effect On Search Results

According to Google, the new Algorithm 'HummingBird' will affect around 90% of search results approximately. Means almost all the search results will get effected. So, its true that this is just not a update, it is Google's whole new working method algorithm change that have been made this time.

Will HummingBird Put Affect On Your Blog/Website?

As aforementioned, Google's guidelines quality will remain same, so if you haven't passed through any kind of black-hat SEO, than i am telling you personally, You're Safe! Just check if your blog's traffic is not reduced massively, than your blog is safe.

What About PageRank Updates After This New Google Algorithm?

According to Google, PageRank is a part of this algorithm. So, it will be waste of time to discuss on it hence, there is no effect on it.

What Is The Difference Between Panda, Penguin And HummingBird Algorithm Updates?

As you may know, Panda and Penguin are just piece of cake as they've just affected around 5% of search results so far, while HummingBird seems like a whole cake as it will affect around 90% of Search Results, as told by Google.

Has Panda And Penguin Algorithms Been Ended?

Not yet! Those little updates will remain there in order to make the new one better. Google always seeks for better search results and this is going to help them.

So, this is the information hopefully which is much more needed by you to know about Google's HummingBird Algorithm. This Google Algorithm will be much more helpful for many blogs and websites as i believe. Leave your feedback in the comment box.

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