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23 January, 2014

4 Best Backlink Analysis Tools For Your Website/Blog's Better Ranking

4 best backlink analysis tools

Making a better backlink profile is the very important part of SEO and to gain good position of Google PR. Actually, as the Google is changing its algorithms continuously, there have been lot of factors out there that determine how your website/blog performs. So, for the backlink profile, here we are sharing 5 best backlink analysis tools for your website/blog's better Google PageRank and SEO. Let's take a look at them!

Google Fusion Tables Tool

This backlink analysis tool is not much conventional. But still it will let you to visualize your website/blog's data and to see the relationship between other various sources of data.

Moz's Open Site Explorer Tool

This tool is being vastly used by many bloggers out there, as this backlink analysis tool has been considered as the great tool for backlink analyze. Open Site Explorer shows the Page Authority and Domain Authority data for the URL that you'll provide to analyze. Through this tool, you can see all the backlinks for your website and their domain authority that will let you know which backlinks are at lower level.

Yandex Search Engine - Webmasters Tools

Yandex is a Russian search engines that many bloggers and webmasters mostly ignore. But it is the same great tool with great collection of features available in its dashboard. It provides accurate results of your website/blog's backlinks along with the great API which is helpful and makes it easier to export data to other sources.

SEOKicks Tool

It is a German backlink analysis tool and it has its own 42 Billion URLs indexed. It is very much user-friendly and enables us to instantly export into the CSV. The data which it provides includes IP Address and additionally, MOZ's Domain authority metric too. The only difficulty with this one is that it is in German language, so you just have to use an online translator to experience this tool.

That's all we have got! If you think there are some more best backlink analysis tools out there, then let us know through leaving a comment below!

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