5 Best Ways To Earn Money Online In 2014

There are lot of people looking to make some extra money in part-time. Reasons could be anything; whether they do it for fun or for any personal need. But its worth understanding that making money online from your living room is not a easy task at all indeed. In fact, you have to do more than you just imagine. There are lot of ways to make money online, but here we are going to share the best and easier ways for you. Take a look!


If you are having expertise to write about something you are passionate about. Then you have a best way to discover it more and get published. It isn't a difficult task to create your own blog, but the most important thing is that you must be a expert of the field you are writing about. Write something very useful, creative and easy-to-understand. It is gonna attract more and more audience. However, you will then apply ads on your blog through Google Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika or any other and earn from ads. You can also earn through promoting products of others on your site and getting commission from it. To make a blog, there are many platforms that allows you to make free blog; Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr are on top list for having blogs.


If you are having professional skills in any field, then there are many sites out there on which people post their projects for completion. You can also find such freelance projects on websites like Freelancer, Guru, Elance and ODesk. They are actually covering almost every type of professional projects, so you can make handy income through completing those freelance projects. 

Online Tutoring

There are many college students out there, looking for online tutors. Those who have well knowledge in the subjects like Science, Maths and Finance could help others through online tutoring. If you are one of them, then all you need to do is to be an expert of your subject and spend few spare hours on weekly basis. Sites like; TutorVista, Tutor.com, SmartThinking and E-tutor could allow you to do online tutoring.

Buy And Sell Domains

This is another way to earn some extra money online. All you need to do is to invest some money and to spend some time. Buy domains on a very cheaper price and sell them with profit. All you need to do is to research on hottest names that are being sold, but the good way is to look for terminated list of domains and to take them back.

Earn Through Your Photos

It is a good way for Photographers to license their best photos on microstock agencies and to make money through them. There are lot of photos being sold to Web Designers and other electronic publishers to include them in stories and ads as well. But don't forget, there is a lot competition out there. Research for top-selling images on microstock agencies to take an idea that what is the need of a buyer. Once you'll get an idea, you can do whatever you want. Doesn't matter if they are landscapes, sports-related or food-related even.

Choose what suits you best. Good luck!

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