Will Blogging Be A Beneficent Business Now?

blogging business beneficent

Few years back, blogging was a very easier-to-do business and profitable. As the time goes on, trillions of blogs has been created and indeed mostly of them are giving nothing, they are just created for trash. So, it seems like internet is over-populated with those trillions of blogs. Let's discuss about whether the blogging will be a beneficent business now or not. Scroll down!

How Does Google's New Algorithm 'HummingBird' Affected?

Google is being so strange about the future of blogging business now. And with the release of Google's new algorithm 'HummingBird', it looks like the live blogs will be evaluated with the audience, vision and affiliate marketing. Many of the blogs lost their traffic and ranks with unknown reasons back in the middle of 2013 So, now the bloggers will have to think once again and to take the decision after reading the new strategies of Google.

What Are Blogging's Alternatives?

Nowadays, peoples are looking for blogging alternatives as they are not getting that much as expected from their blogs. They don't have patience, because every field of work needs patience to give you something in return. But well, there is freelancing too if we talk about blogging alternative. It is a fair deal to be a freelancer, you can earn some instant money.

Lot Of Competition

There are lot of people out there who are specializing in SEO, and having some high skills in blogging. Though, they are being very much successful with their blogs. But some things you should notice that on what topic you will create your blog and will get succeed? If you'll look for social media, Mashable is already there. If you'll look for tech-based blog, you cannot easily compete with Techcrunch and Techradar. So, every topic you'll choose for your blog, already has a bigger and much better blog available indeed.

So, the answer to the question whether the blogging business will be beneficent now or not is 50-50. We cannot say that you can win the game easily, but neither we can say you'll lose. If you are having more technical abilities and tricks, then you can win the game for now easily.

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