Boost Your Site's Alexa Rankings In Few Easy Steps

Alexa provides the rank to the website according to the traffic it is getting, or you can say that Alexa measures the number of traffic passing through their system. Why Alexa is important? The answer is simple. Advertisers reach to the website by checking its rank provided by Alexa. Any website owner or blogger can check his/her blog/website's Alexa rank by going at official website of Alexa. So what to do for boosting up Alexa Ranking? We are providing you some easy tips to do that. Scroll down!

Update: Alexa has announced to finally be discontinued in May, 2022.

Following are the tips to boost your website/blog's Alexa rank:

Install Toolbar Of Alexa

Alexa websites provides rank to the side by recording specially the traffic that passes through their system. So, its an good idea to install Alexa toolbar on all your browsers and ask your family, friends etc to do that as well. So that would help you to achieve good ranks in Alexa.

Claim Ownership Of Your Website At Alexa

Sign up at Alexa, get registered and add meta tag on your website's homepage. Make sure not to remove this meta tag even if the verification is completed. There are other methods to claim the ownership as well but this one is proved to be the best one.

Ask Friends To Write Reviews

Good reviews about your website can bring lot of traffic to your website/blog and can your blog/website can achieve a higher rank position. It is also an good idea to share reviews of your Alexa ranks to your website/blog on weekly or monthly basis just to show off and to make popularity of your blog/website.

Add Alexa's Widget

Its an alternative option of toolbar. It can also attract more visitors to your blog and also helps to improve Alexa Ranks.

Use Paid Option Of Alexa

If you think your site is giving you enough revenue, then why not putting an expenditure of Alexa's paid option? It will just help you to improve your alexa rank like a magic.

Improve Your Website/Blog's Content

In the end, the most important thing to improve your Alexa rank is increasing traffic on your blog. This can be done through publishing best, useful, unique and original content on your blog/website. However, if you think your content is good than do not forget to do Search Engine Optimization for your blog/website. Without SEO, the website would look like a car without engine. Generate backlinks, do on-page and off-page seo, and do keyword research. Another thing, do not forget to keep updating your blog/website regularly. Its an best way to attract more visitors.

Use social media to share your posts with people all around. Also ask them to share your posts as well.

That's all the most needed information that we provided for you. Stay tuned for more!

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