How Students Can Earn Money In 2014?

students can earn money

Many teenage students are having much of their time in spare are always looking to have big room for extra pocket money. However, through money, a teenager can buy some more fun and enjoy his/her life nicely. If you are in a teenage, and looking to have some more extra bucks in your pocket, then here are some ways for you to earn money in 2014. Scroll down!


This is a smart way of earning from which many teenagers are getting much benefit. Keep yourself active, take your time, show efforts and spread the knowledge through tutoring the children, even tutoring your juniors in school/college. You can earn very smartly! :)


Blogging is much more beneficent for you. All you need is creative skills of writing and you need to learn search engine optimization. It needs time that you have to give it. Believe me! If you can invest your time in it and do hard work, you'll get fantastic results.

Joining A Muscial Band

Music attracts the teenagers the most, but even attracts all ages. However, if you are a good singer or a good musician, you can join a musical band and can earn some extra cash.

Offer Your Services

Maybe you don't have a degree to do a part-time job, but you can still offer your services and help your uncles, teachers or people of your trust in their businesses. Many students are doing it as adopting, but it can also turn out a smart revenue for you.

Start Writing Articles

If you don't have your own blog, or don't want to have one, but have good skills in writing, then you earn through writing articles. There are websites that can pay you handy amount for your articles, some of them are ezinearticles, hubpages, yahoo and squidoo etc.

Do Photography

Well, camera is just not for capturing some memorable pictures only. It is being as a great tool that can help you to capture awesomeness. If you are having those skills and know how to use a camera for a right purpose, then capture some beautiful landscapes and sell them to artists and galleries etc.

Learn And Use Photoshop

Photoshop is a great tool for graphic designers. In fact, many graphic designers are earning some handy money per month through the right use of Photoshop. If you have time to invest in it, then it will just not help you earn some handy money, but also can help you later in your career level.

Manage Facebook Pages

There are lot of big industries and businesses that requires admins to manage their Facebook fan pages, and they can pay them around $50 per month for just sitting in their living room and managing the fan page for 30 minutes only.

So, what do you think? It is difficult to earn money? Not at all. You just need concentration on your plans, stay focused and invest time for it. That's all!

Best of luck!

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