Raise Your Freelance Career In 30 Easy Steps In 2014 - Part 2

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Here we are continuing with our previous post about 30 easy steps that will help you to raise your Freelance career in this year 2014.

Introduce Yourself Through A Video

As a freelancer, it is important for you to introduce yourself with honesty. As for introducing yourself, adding a video about you is best because mostly clients could have hard time to stay connected with you. Just remember to be honest about yourself.

Do Email Marketing

As a freelancer, you need to keep a track of targeted clients. For your business growth, it could be difficult for you to be trustworthy and believable at a good level. Actually, email marketing mostly gives you nothing in return like affiliates. But keeping relationship with those clients and working for them to earn their trust can also earn you money.

Make Video-Content Series

If you are owning a blog or website, it could be a best way for you to publish your content through videos, specially for those people who don't read your blog mostly. Just keep remember to make your content valuable and creative to get more and more audience.

Use Social Media To Attract More Clients

Social Media is a best way to attract clients. But what if you are not using it properly? You'll just waste your time. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn specially can attract more clients for you but you have to market your freelancing skills in a proper way. Otherwise, you'll get zero.

Never Think About Just Money

Whatever you do like writing on a blog for yourself or for your clients, promoting other's products or so on. You must not think about earning money as quick as possible. This is the most important part in this career. Always try to help others, to keep everyone happy with your work, and keep everyone wealthy. This is going to do the trick for you as well. You'll approach the success in a very nice way that you'll love.

Make A Group

It is a good way to make a group with marketers or freelancers who just can't let you down. Share your ideas, goals and plans with them to get more support and to also support them with their work.

Do Use Your Head-Shot Picture

If you are not having a website of your own, then make it easier for your clients to find you online. A picture that you use on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites should be good in look. Make sure that your picture attract more clients, and in your picture there is no cropping and background mess. That's all!

Try To Get More Audience Through One

Define your audience through a one person that you are working with or thinking to work with him/her. Use characteristics of that person to make plans and to see what he/she needs.

Meet New People

Join online forums and active communities to meet new people. Try to make your efforts on the groups where something seems really different. Avoid spam!

Keep Profiles Updated

Keep your data and personal information  up-to-date on the profiles that you've made on freelance websites. Add information that describes you perfectly on a current situation and remove the information that has mistakes in it or is outdated.

That's all for now! There are some others way left that we'll be posting in our next article. Stay tuned!

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