Top 10 Websites For Article Submission And Making Money Online In 2014

If you are having enough writing skills with creativity. Then there are lot of opportunities out there for you. There are many websites that will pay you some good money in return of your wonderfully written articles. Here we have outlined top 10 best websites that can pay you good money for your articles in 2014. Let's take a look!

1. Squidoo

The articles that you'll write here will be submitted in a form of lens. And there are lot of users that you could connect with. You can earn up to $1-10$ for a single lens. The payment method of this website is through PayPal.

2. Hub Pages

At this websites, the articles are known as Hubs. You can write as much Hubs as you like on the topic of your choice that must be useful and unique. You can earn up to $100 from Google AdSense or other Ad program. The payment method will be PayPal.

3. ContentBLVD

This website is an content marketing program. Once you write your article, it will get published to the relevant blogs. But one should meet the criteria of its application, then you can earn up to $12-$48, and their payment method is through PayPal.

4. Helium

This is an well-known article submission platform. You can write and submit the articles about your favourite topics which are useful, and you can earn up to $25 or more. Their method is PayPal and you can withdraw money twice  month.

5. CloudCrowd

This is the platform where you can cover small writing projects like product description or content writing. And you'll get up to $30 per task you complete. But the important thing for a writer is to must have PayPal account.

6. Triond

This is an article submission platform where you can submit articles before being posted on any other sites. It allows you to publish videos and images along with your article. You can earn up to $10 per article and their payment method is though PayPal.

7. Epinions

This an website with great opportunities for those who are passionate to write reviews about products. You can earn at least $100 and their payment method is through cheque.

8. Break Studios

This is also a great platform for writing articles on relevant topics provided to you. You can earn up to $8 per article once its approved and the payment method is through PayPal.

9. Bukisa

Create an account, then log in to it. Now you can write content of your choice and can earn up to $100 and their payment method is through PayPal.

10. Flixya

This site is well known as Google AdSense revenue sharing website. Through blogging and sharing videos and images, you can earn up to $1200. 100 Percent revenue will be provided to you as you deserve.

So these are the sites that are best to earn money online in 2014. Hope you'll enjoy earning some cash.

Have fun!

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