Top 10 Websites For Watching Latest Movies Online for Free In 2014

There are lot of people searching for websites where they can watch movies online for free without any kind of disturbance. So, if you looking for a best platform to watch movies, then here is the list of top 10 websites for watching movies online for free in 2014. Take a look! :)


This is the website you can visit to watch movies online for free. You can find lot of genres on it, such as Adventure, Action, Romance, Comedy and so on.

Classic Cinema Online

This is also a great website to watch movies online. There is also a great collection of 19's movies that you can watch streaming online, if interested.

Internet Archive Movie Archive

Here you can find plenty of movies on a common domain which makes it easier for you to watch movies online and also you can download them without paying a single penny.

Public Domain Torrents

This is a very place that you must be looking for the movies. Here you can find numerous movie collections including classic ones. All the movies available on this website are under a public domain which means they are legal. You can just not watch them online, but also can download them to your computer.

Snag Films

This one is a very popular website for watching movies online with the collection of thousands of movies with numerous genres. Categories that you can view are: 'most popular', 'newly added' and 'most popular'.


This the website which rent out the movies, but also allows everyone to watch their desirable movies online for free.


This platform provides you all the new and recent movies, reaching the milestone of 1500 movies available at a website for anyone to watch online for free. There are numerous genres here like comedy, drama, action, romance etc.


This platform is enterprise with Miramax, therefore, provides hundreds of full length movies for anyone to watch online.


As always, this is the great platform to watch movies online. There are lot of videos available at it as you know, but not just other videos, but you can also watch free movies online as you'll get through different movie categories.


This platforms belongs with Sony Pictures, provides best quality streaming and collection of best genres to watch movies online for free.

These are the top 10 best platforms to watch movies online for free in 2014. Start browsing! :)

If you know other best websites for free online movies, then do let us know through a comment below. We'll be glad to see your feedback! :)

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