Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog In 2014 - Part 2

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Here we are gonna continue with our previous post about ways to get traffic to your blog in 2014. Let's continue!

Get Traffic Through Bookmarking Websites

There are lot of bookmarking websites on internet that can bring you a lot of traffic to your blog. Make a list of the popular ones which are Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon and so on. You can install a widget of those social bookmarking websites on your blog that allows you to share your blog posts to various websites and ask your friends to the same for you too.

Get Traffic Through Search Engines

You are not a professional in SEO, but still you can use a plugin called 'All in SEO Pack'. You can build backlinks that could also help you to gain good ranks from Google, also bookmarking your websites and optimizing great keywords for your blog can bring a lot of traffic from search engines and also will help you to get good ranks for your blog.

Get Traffic Through E-books

You can write a e-book with any valuable topic and submit it on e-book sites. Refer links of your best blog posts on the e-book and you'll surely get a lot of traffic.

Get Traffic Through Guest Posting

It is being a most popular way of getting traffic and gaining backlinks for blogs. Sometimes, when you don't have anything to say which is not related to your blog, then you can search for blogs related to the topic you want to take and ask them to publish your posts on their blogs. Link that blog post with your blog, and you'll get a backlink and more and more traffic. If you'll do it on daily basis, then imagine how successful your blog will become.

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