Mistakes That Can Jinx Your Blog's Status

Mistakes That Can Jinx Your Blog's Status
Blogging is an interesting business which enables you to enjoy your life from your living room. But do not forget, this one is sensitive as like other businesses and your one mistake can take you down in no time. Being honest and maintaining everything safely could give you a lot of benefits. So, here are the mistakes that you must have to avoid with your blog, otherwise, its status will be down. Have a look!

Irregular Posting

Blogging is a full-time job that needs lot of your time for its maintenance. Be sure to post on it regular, like if you are posting 2-3 articles on it daily, then the audience will be stay anticipated for it regularly. So, do not miss any day for posting on your blog or your blog will lose its traffic.

Off-Topic Posting

It is most important for any blogger to choose a niche for your blog. So, its important for you to stick with the topic of your blog and earn writing on it. Google penalizes those blogs which often post off-topic content that seems non-related to the niche topic of the blog.

Writing Short Posts

As i am personally a SEO consultant, i have experienced unfavourable response from Google Penguin and Google Panda updates. I realized that it needs more and more efforts too. So, it is clear that you need to add more content in your article to make it look more natural and useful for viewers.


In fact, you are not the only one who is writing about some kind of a news or a product. You always write about something which is already written or being written by someone else, but you need to write it differently adding your own content and making it look more natural. You shouldn't copy/paste the content from any where, no matter how shiny impact it puts on your blog. With copy/paste your blog will lose its reputation and you'll stop earning even a single penny with your blog.

So, these are the mistakes that you must avoid in order to keep your blog on top. These mistakes can jinx your blog's status and can completely destroy it. However, there is lot of information for you on our blog about blogging and making money online.

Best of luck!

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