Top 10 Successful Online Businesses In India In 2014

Jumping to the world of business is not a problem, but it could be a problem if you will not keep appropriate business planning. Taking a start for a business or investing is not so easy if you are not so aware of fall-downs and risk factors. There are many successful entrepreneurs out there who began their business with little and then developed it to get the turn-out of millions dollars or more. If you want to start a business, you should have perfect idea to take a start. Remember! Every idea worth Millions, just you have to be sincere with your work. Here are the top 10 successful online businesses that you might like and get started.


People are being very good with their proofreading skills nowadays. They are good at pointing out the grammatical and spelling mistakes. It is also a very good opportunity as many people are searching for those who can proofread their articles. So, search for writing websites, put your ad on them, offering your proofreading services. People can pay you anything in return if you can correctly proofread their articles. Go ahead!

Virtual Assistance

Nowadays, Virtual Assistance is another best online business. Many people are ready to manage some appointments and meetings on the call in their free hours at home and earning some bucks so easily.

Healthcare Consulting

Not every patient is able to reach to the hospital at time. However, in that condition, online doctors are much more needed in demand. You have to manage a patient online with care and treatment to bring him/her in better situation. Set the appointments with your patients and treat them free of cost for few times, so that if you'll charge them your fees next time, they should realize you deserve it. It will help you to gain more patients and their trust.

Freelance Writing

There are many bloggers who are seeking for writers nowadays, and if you are having good writing skills than its a great opportunity for you that you shouldn't lose. Write for couple of hours a day, and you'll get immediate money in return accordingly.

Online Store

If you have right e-commerce software and a website. You can easily open a store and sell your own items or the items from various suppliers. There are lot of affiliate programs from which the most famous one is Amazon that you can affiliate with. You can expect the commission of up-to 25%.


As the communications are increasing a lot internationally, there is a lot of need for translators. Many students, travelers, and anyone else needs to understand the foreign language. So, you can charge them hourly and help them to understand the language they want. You will earn much handy cash for it.

Selling Photos

If you are good at photography and taken a best shot of any event, than do not hesitate to let the news channels or anyone else know that you have a best shot of the event and put a cost on it. Also you can upload your photos to the websites like Steve Digicams or FotoTimes for sale.

Online Teaching

If you have well-knowledge about some special skills, than it would be great for you to teach others. You can help others with their subjects, improving writing skills, marketing and much more. It is a great way of earning money.


Blogging needs much of your efforts to get it successful. Your one valuable post can bring you a lot of quality traffic and surely you'll earn money through it. As your blog will get much better rankings and traffic position, you can earn through Adsense, advertisements, affiliate marketing and by offering your services. There are many blogs nowadays that are earning thousands of dollars per month. So, you can also reach that level if you'll show your hard-working efforts.

Web Designing

Websites are much more needed for every businesses now. There are many companies wishing to have their websites look better and best overall than the competition. So, there is a huge demand for web designers nowadays, and if you are having better skills with it, than go and signup at freelance websites, make your portfolio and start earning great amount of money.

These are the top 10 online businesses in India that could earn you lot of money.

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