10 Most Popular Football Teams For FIFA WorldCup 2014

This summer is gonna become more and more joyful for all football lovers because FIFA is back with another series in 2014 which will be held in Brazil. If you are following any FIFA team than the time has come to raise your hands and support your favorite team. Here is the list of 10 most popular FIFA teams in the world in 2014 which are expected by the majority of football lovers to win FIFA 2014. Check out!

1. Brazil

FIFA is the team which has won most of the FIFA cups, but unfortunately still didn't topped the list. Now, majority of folks are expecting this team to lift the FIFA 2014 cup with them because this time this tournament is gonna held in their own home ground. The team has great players like Kaka, Lucas and Hulk who are gonna be more important this time for the team.

2. Italy

Italy is ranked among the list of top 10 FIFA teams because of its strong performances. Most important players of the Italian team Del Piero, Buffan and Baggio are much expected to lead the team to the top spot. No doubt, they are best team in the world, but still they need to do more and more to lift the trophy with themselves.

3. Germany

Germans are at their best with the team work as they always do, specially when they team up to show their best performance in football game. They have very tight side of strikers including best goal keeper. Their main two players Bayern and Dortmund are expected to lead the team to the top.

4. Spain

Spain is also one of the best teams which is dominating the world class teams. They have great ability to play on the ground and perform really well, but this time winning a FIFA 2014 trophy could be challenging. Though, they are more expected to reach the Semi-Finals.

5. Argentina

Argentina is also a team which could reach the top spot anytime, because this team also have some great and hard working players. They also have legendary Lionel Messi who can be very dangerous for the oppositions, but other team members would have to show good efforts too. Let's see if they are going to lift the trophy with them.

6. Portugal

Portugal also have lot of skills and good team work to move on. They have the great Christiano Ronaldo, but the whole team have to perform equally to achieve success in FIFA 2014.

7. Netherlands

Netherlands is also considered as the most favorite team right now, because in last world cup they managed to get in finals. This time there is a strong chance for them to reach the finals if they defeat Spain and Brazil.

8. England

England also have some great and experienced players like Stevie and Lamps. They need to struggle more and more, and also they have defeated Brazil once in friendly match. So, the chances could be higher for them if they struggle hard.

9. Belgium

Belgium is the team which consists of younger and quality players. They might not have enough experience, but their skills are high and if they will improve their attack, than expectations are high that they will get to the finals.

10. France

France also has some good experienced players. But they have to improve their attack and they can make it to semi finals or maybe finals.

Which team you love the most?

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