Top 10 Popular Beauty Parlors For Brides In Pakistan

Since a long time, Pakistan is known as the most leading country in the fashion field. As we talk about parties and wedding ceremonies, women of Pakistan are very much engaged with new fashion trends and designs which are launched by the most famous fashion designers in Pakistan. But, we feel difficulty and confusion when it comes to choose a best beauty parlor for a bride. So, here is the list of top 10 popular beauty parlors in Pakistan. Take a look!

1. Kashee's

Located in: Karachi

Kashee's beauty salon is owned by Kashif Aslam who is very well known as a beauty expert for both men and women. Kashee's beauty parlor has just got more popularity very recently for bridal makeup. It offers best beauty services.

2. Zara's

Located in: Karachi

Zara's Beauty Parlor was started by Rizwana Khan who is well known as best beauty expert. She also appears on various TV channels for giving makeup and styling tips. Zara's Beauty Parlor offers best services of makeup, hair and nail art to add some attractiveness to the ladies of Pakistan.

3. Ireen

Located In: Karachi

Ireen Khan is a famous makeup artist who was connected with Sabs previously, but later she opened her own beauty parlor which provides best services for Pakistani ladies.

4. Rose

Located In: Karachi

Rose Beauty Parlor was founded by Mrs. Ayesha Begum in 1983. The parlor has continued to follow more modern makeup trends and made its popularity in the market by offering best services.

5. Mah Rose

Location In: Various cities

Mah Rose Beauty Parlor offers skillful services of Bridal makeup and Bridal Mehndi. It has many branches which are located in different cities of Pakistan.

6. Sabs

Located In: Lahore and Karachi

Sabs Beauty Parlor is owned by Ms. Saba Ansari and it was launched in 2001. It has now become more popular for providing best services in traditional Bridal makeup. Their main objective is delivering client satisfaction.

7. Natasha's

Located In: Karachi

Natasha's Beauty Parlor is owned by Sabrina Khalid and Natasha Khalid. This makeup studio focuses to provide excellent services for hair, nail and makeup. This makeup studio is also very much appreciated by the model 'Ainy Jafri'.

8. Alle' Nora

Located In: Karachi

Alle' Nora Beauty Parlor was founded in 1997 by Aliya Tipu. It mostly focuses to provide quality services in bridal makeup, hair styling, hair coloring, hair cutting, acrylic nails, massages and treatments for slimming.

9. Depilex

Located In: Various Cities

Depilex was started in 1980 by Massarat Misbah. It is serving women for past 30 years and provide quality services in beauty therapy, cosmetology and hair sciences. They have more than 25 branches in Pakistan, and also in Canada, USA and UAE.

10. Nabila's

Located In: Karachi and Lahore

Nabila's beauty parlor was first founded in 1986. The N-Pro by Nabila is made for bridal makeup with comfortable atmosphere and privacy. They also offer photo shoots for brides if interested.

Choose the best for yourself! :) Good luck!

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