10 Most Richest Countries In The World 2014

Money never grows on tree, so there are many countries which became rich because of their brilliant development. Here we are going to show you the list of top 10 richest countries in the world in 2014 which are very well developed and well known for their wealth. Have a look!

1. Qatar

Qatar has the GDP of $182 Billion which is mostly because it is blessed with a lot of Petroleum resources. Even the country earns its money through 85% export of petroleum resources. Qatar also generates its money through lot of tourism and banking.

2. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is located in Central of Europe and is a small country which is still enjoying the 2nd highest GDP per capita. In this country, its citizens don't need to pay any sort of taxes. Luxembourg have large resources of Telecommunication and Steel industries.

3. Singapore

Singapore is an Asian country which is covering 63 islands including the main Singapore island. Mostly of its population worships Buddhism. It is the country which has brilliant financial development. In the start of this year, Singapore's GDP has increased by 5.1%.

4. Norway

Norway is majorly blessed with oil and gas resources which is the reason of its highly increasing economy level. Norway's GDP increased by 3.1% in the last quarter of 2013.

5. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a well developed country with best financial economy level. In 2011, Hong Kong's GDP was estimated around $260 Billions.

6. Brunel Darussalam

Brunei Darussalam is a country which earns through the natural gas and oil resources. It is located in South East Asia and is blessed with the annual GDP of around $50,400.

7. United States Of America

USA is a well developed country in the world and has highest economy level. The country earns through the exports of technology goods, weapons and much more.

8. United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates has best economy among other Arab countries. It is not only earning through Natural gas and oil resources, but also from the business which is growing rapidly in the country. The country has the GDP of around $48,400 and ranked on third in Middle East.

9. Switzerland

Switzerland has the best economy level and it is well known as the leading manufacturer and exporter of watches. It also earns through majority of tourism, agriculture and banking. Its GDP level is also well maintained.

10. Kuwait

Kuwait is dependent on its petroleum goods which is the major way of its earning. This country is known as one of the most richest countries in Middle East Asia with the population of 2.8 Million and covers the GDP of around $43,700.

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