Top 10 Business Tycoons Of IT In the World

Technology is reaching the heights day by day and exactly it has no limits. It nowadays depends on IT Businesses which are the reasons to keep the progress continuously moving. So, surely you've been thinking about those top 10 Business Tycoons of IT in the world. Here is the list of those Business Tycoons of IT. Take a look!

1. Bill Gates

Company: Microsoft

This is not a surprise to see him on the top of the list. He is the man who gained lot of success in his life. When he was young, he had already got lot of skills in mathematics and programming which opens up a way for him to get admitted in Harvard University. He than left his college and launched his own IT company with his partner Paul Allen. Microsoft took a flying start as Bill Gates launched it! He is now the most richest person in the world.

2. Steve Jobs

Company: Apple

Steve Jobs was also a man who left his college just after the first semester. He just started to move up in the world as he began to design games and than with his partner 'Steve Wozniak', he launched Apple products like computers which includes Macintosh and Power Mac. However, iPhone, iPod and iPad were also launched by Steve Jobs.

3. Mark Zuckerberg

Company: Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg has come a long way since he launched the social networking website called 'Facebook' while he was still under the level of studying. He is person who is known as self-made billionaire in history with the net worth of $13 Billion.

4. Larry Ellison

Company: Oracle Corp.

Larry Ellison has got very successful as he founded Oracle Corp which is known as the most popular database suite at the level of enterprise. Oracle was founded in 1977 and now has the net worth of around $160 Billion, which makes Larry Ellison one of the richest person.

5. Larry Page

Company: Google

Larry Page had got his bachelor's degree from University of Michigan, than joined his partner Sergery Brin to start Google. He is currently the CEO of Google.

6. Sergery Brin

Company: Google

Sergery Brin has completed his bachelors from Stanford University. He just left his Ph.D  Program to start the search engine 'Google' with his partner Larry Page. Google is the most popular and useful search engine around the world and it has a net worth of around $200 Billion.

7. Jeff Bezos

Company: Amazon

Jeff Bezos is the founder and CEO of Amazon which is now the world's largest online retailer. Jeff Bezos successfully made it to take the company to the top, and he became one of the most richest person in IT industry.

8. Michael Dell

Company: Dell

Michael Dell took a start of his business while he was still studying in a Pre-med college. He launched the company called 'Dell' which is now the most largest manufacturers of personal computers and makes him one of the most richest person

9. Azim Premji

Company: Wipro Technologies

Azim Premji is a graduate from Stanford University. He is currently the chairman of Wipro technologies and the only non-US person who got most successful in IT industry.

10. Steve Ballmer

Company: Microsoft

Steve Ballmer joined Microsoft in 1980 and currently the CEO of company. He was not a founder of the company but he played a major role in the development of the company. He has just got successful to launch new gaming system called Kinetic.

These are the most successful people in the industry of IT.

That's all!

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