10 Must-Know Facts About Lionel Messi

When it comes to soccer, we all know the specialty of it and the twist which it brings up always. The whole credit of the game goes to the young talented players. Let's talk about Lionel Messi, who has the most biggest fan club around the world. Why? Just because of his skills, the style of his playing, the tricks he always uses during the game and of course he is cute as well. He is a tricky and the most talented footballer in the world right now. Let's take a look at those ten facts about Lionel Messi which shouldn't be neglected anyhow!

1. Growth Hormone Deficiency

When he was 11 years old, he was diagnosed with the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency. No doubt, he struggled very much to build his brilliant football skills.

2. His Middle Name?

Lionel Messi's also has his middle name Andres which was given to him by his parents.

3. Nominated As FIFA World Player Of The Year

In 2010, Lionel Messi got nominated as FIFA World Player of the Year. On that time, he was 21 years old and so that he couldn't win it but still he was a youngest player to get nominated for that honorable award.

4. Lover of Cold Drink

Lionel Messi loves to drink Coca-Cola mostly among all other soda drinks.

5. Previously He Was Named As Leonel Mecci

When he was first notified to be a part of under 20 Argentinian National Team by the Argentinian Soccer Foundation, he was named as Leonel Mecci.

6. Limitless Love For The Family And The Whole Country

In the age of 13, he arrived in Spain and lived there. So, people started to think that he must have forgotten his home country. But, he still love his home country much more and also his family. He also points his fingers to the sky after his goal to dedicate to her grand mother.

7. Top Scorer For Soccer Club Barcelona

 Lionel Messi becomes the most top scorer for Soccer Club Barcelona in the age of 24. He is been the only player till now to reach maximum hat tricks because of unique moves and extraordinary speed.

8. Youngest Player To Score 200 Goals

In the young age of 25, he completed the objective of scoring 200 goals in Spanish La Liga. He is also the holder of Guinness World Record Title for scoring the most goals in a single calendar year.

9. Winner Of European Golden Shoe Award

He is the one who has won three European Golden Shoe Awards till now because of making the highest goals score in a competitive European League. It is the reason why he is known as the most brilliant player in the history of sports.

10. Lionel Messi's Increasingly Popularity Isn't What You Think

The people who made him play for the Barcelona were Soldini and Montero. They also paid all the money for his trips and hotels before his association for the Barcelona.

Enjoy watching FIFA! Cheers!

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