Best SEO Steps That Most Bloggers Forget Before Publishing A Post

Best SEO Steps

Blogging is not so difficult, but that doesn't mean to take less efforts on it. This is not just about creating a post, adding few paragraphs and simply publishing it. You won't get anywhere if you do that - means you'll get ZERO reputation for that blog post simply and surely it will put impact on your whole blog reputation. So, here we have compiled a list of Best SEO steps that most bloggers forget before publishing a post. Have a look!

Doing Keyword Research

Before writing a blog post, you need to look for keywords which would help you to find out what people will search will exactly for. You would also know about the competition around and surely you need to do it better than others in order to get your blog post visible on the first page of search engine. We recommend you to use Google's Keywords Tool - its free and almost provides exact information about the keywords you choose.

Writing Eye-Catching Title For Your Post

Choosing eye-catchy phrases for your blog posts and putting your keyword along in the title is all what you need to do. Make your blog post title unique and attractive, so that your site viewers notice it at just a glance. For example: Top 10 Expensive Jewelry Brands Of The World In 2014Mistakes That Can Jinx Your Blog's StatusIs Blogging The Best Job For Girls?

Short Slug For Post

Post slug is what shows up after the domain, creates the whole link. So, many platforms like WordPress and Blogger generates the automatic permalink for your blog post which includes many of small words which makes the link very long and unworthy. The best way is to shorten your post slug manually and change it to your important keyword. For example: or

Adding Images

Choosing images that are relevant to your content may grab the attention of viewers and make it more interesting. However, there are also lot of SEO benefits with it. You should add keywords to your image's ALT tag and TITLE tag. Also if you'll save it as keywords+phrase.jpg that will be great as well.

Adding Relevant Videos

Adding videos to your blog post is a great source of SEO that Google understands better. If you think that your blog posts are not being ranked boosted by Google, than it will happen eventually. Making videos, uploading them and embedding them to your actual blog post is a great source of bringing traffic to your blog.

Using Subheads

It is somewhat similar to images, as we know subheads simply break the post content in to portions which makes it easier for users to read it. However, every blogger should know that the search engine ROBOT analyses a page through its title, and then it looks for h2, h3 and h4 tags. The title of the page automatically gets an h1 tag, so there is no need to bold or italicize the subheads of your blog post.

Interlinking To Previous Posts

It is one of the most important steps to interlink your current blog post with the previous ones. Many bloggers forget to do that. Interlinking to previous blog posts before publishing a new post will keep your viewers to stay longer on your blog, and also it will be easier for web crawlers to navigate through your blog posts.

External Linking

It is also a best way to link to the other blogs. However, we are not pretty sure about the SEO benefits of the external linking but it is clear that linking to the other blogs is a great way to build relationship with the other bloggers. Bloggers will definitely appreciate the backlinking!

Meta Data Is Useful

Meta Data is much useful for any blog to rank better in search engines. We are not sure whether Google gives out anything for Meta Keywords or not, but it is clear that the Meta Description is what Google notices always. You should add Meta Description of fewer than 155 characters so that Google shows whole Meta Description in search results. Also make sure that your keywords are included in the Meta Description because Google bolds in search results.

These are the steps that mostly bloggers forget to do. Implement these steps and hopefully you'll see the benefits yourself. These are the steps which are key-to-success for your blog.

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