GERMANY Defeated BRAZIL In FIFA World Cup 2014 - Made History!

The most remarkable match between Brazil and Germany has just ended up being historical ever in Football history. Germany defeated Brazil by taking the scoreboard to SEVEN goals against Brazil which made just ONE and got defeated. Germany made clear goals, no doubt!

People doesn't really expected such a feckless performance by Brazil. It was very disappointing for the crowd present there and also for those behind the screens who just got failed to see winning Brazil against Germany.

Brazil's Biggest Defeat!

Germany has made its clear way and putted a new record for them by scoring FIVE back to back goals in just 28 minutes of the first half. The 1st goal was scored by Thomas Muller on 11th minute of the starting. After the first goal, Mirosav Klose scored a 2nd goal on 23rd minute and showed some great effort. Brazil supporters just lose their hope as soon as 3rd goal scored just one minute after the 2nd one, which just vanished almost every chance for Brazil to win the match. Toni Kroos showed some brilliant performance effort in the match, making the victory more and more superior.

Yesterday, it was a brilliant knock played by Toni Kroos who has become a prominent figure in the FIFA world cup tournament as he just scored a 4th goal 2 minutes after the 3rd one and overall Germany made FIVE goals in the first half of the match.

With the continued performance of Germany, it already made sense for the viewers of the match that it is a brilliant winning for Germany. They scored 2 more goals in the second half of the match and defeated Brazil with a long margin.

Brazil just scored a GOAL after playing till 90 minutes but got neglected by their audience. The crowd present on the ground was already overwhelmed with the perfect performance of Germany.

Meanwhile, analysts already predicted the cheerless experience for the team coming all the way. Yet, its difficult to understand the reason of team's such worthless performance against Germany. However, Brazil was playing without their most important player Neymar, who was injured suffered a fractured vertebra in his lower back during its quarterfinal showdown against Colombia on Friday. Also the captain of the team Thiago Silva wasn't playing as was sidelined due to the suspension.

Germany set a new record by scoring FIVE consecutive goals in just 29 minutes of the first half of the match. It is now in the history of FIFA World Cup of scoring fastest FIVE goals in any game. Also Klose now has 16 World Cup goals in his entire career, breaking the record of Ronaldo of 15 goals.

For Brazil, its been very disappointing as they've been trailed by FOUR goals in any World Cup match ever in their any previous matches. Last time, Brazil got defeated by Uruguay with the scoreboard of 2-1 back in 1950 World Cup Final.

However, at the other hand, Argentina defeated Netherlands in yesterday second match. For sure, after defeating Brazil, Germany is going to play against Argentina on upcoming Sunday. That will also be a fantastic match and worthful.

Let's see what is gonna happen and who is gonna lift the FIFA World Cup trophy. Support your team. We wish best of luck to both teams in the Final!

Stay Tuned! Congratulations to Germany!

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