How Much Revenue is Generated By Subway Surfers? [2022 Updated]

Playing a game is one of the best hobbies of all-time. The whole credit goes to the game developers who have made it easy for us to enjoy high-definition games with perfect adventure on smartphones. There are many games which are free of cost and Subway Surfers is the one which stands as the top most popular mobile game today. Have you ever thought about the revenue generated by Subway Surfers so far? Let's have a look!

About Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers was first developed and released in 2012 by Kiloo - a private company which is based in Denmark. Since its first release, the game has become more and more popular time-by-time and till now it is the most popular free game which is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. This game features the world tour in which the all major cities of the world; New York, Sydney, Rio De Janeiro, Rome, Tokyo, Miami, Moscow, Beijing and Paris has been presented till now.

Subway Surfers has more than 130 Million downloads around the globe. The game has mostly been downloaded from iOS App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon. It is the most great looking game for the smartphone device which is why it has reached the high popularity level so far. Since its released, it has got around 25 Million daily active users and around 75 Million monthly. It is not a big deal to expect 250 Million lifetime downloads for this game till the end of this year.

How Much Subway Surfers Earn?

Subway Surfers has impressive amount of users all around the globe. On daily basis, estimated amount of installations is 22,987 and estimated daily active users are 397,187. So, Subway Surfers earns $16,496 regularly. This game has got impressive amount of active users and this why it is ranked #78 in the list of Top Grossing and #28 in the list of Top Free Apps.

As per now in 2022, the revenue of Subway Surfers has crossed total worth of $80 Millions (let alone speak of iOS version of the game). The revenue that it has generated through in-app advertising and in-app purchases on iOS and Android. 

Enjoy playing this game on your Android, iOS or Windows Phone device!

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