How To Stop Spam Comment Links That Could Jinx Your Blog's SEO?

A blogger should be aware of comment spams, and probably there are many who knew about it. Have you ever noticed that the comments on your article is totally off-topic which makes no sense? Well, that's what spammy comments looks like. Many people do it to increase the number of backlinks to their websites. However, they don't even know that whether it's gonna work for them or not. Let's discuss the way to Stop Spam Comment Links That Could Jinx Your Blog's SEO. Scroll down!

How It Effects The SEO Of Your Blog?

According to the SEO point of view, the comment with spammy link could put heavy impact on your blog's reputation. You may lose your blog's traffic and ranking automatically, also the content on your blog will be considered as low quality and spammy. In that case, you have to stop spam on your website immediately.

Also, those who are doing spammy comments should be aware that If Google figures out the source of your backlinks is coming from comment links in a major quantity, you'll get penalized for sure.

How To Get Rid Of It?

Just make sure that your website's software platform is up-to-date. Many major platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Flickr and others perform rel="nofollow" attribute for the comment links. Keep that in mind that using rel="nofollow" attribute keeps the spam comment links away and it won't get any credit in the search rankings. So, it does makes sense that spammers will not get any benefit out of it!

However, putting rel="nofollow" attribute everywhere that allows people to add links themselves could be a best way to get rid of spam on your website. It is clear that comment sections are firstly get attention and keeping them secured will never let the spammers to abuse and jinx your blog's reputation. 

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