Top 10 Beautiful Football Stadiums In The World 2014

Football is a fabulous game indeed and it is been enjoyed in all around the world. In fact, we love to watch the football game and also the place where it is being held even. Let's take a look at top 10 beautiful football stadiums in the world which could be used for future Football tournaments.

1. Braga Municipal Stadium

Location: Portugal

It is considered as the most beautiful football stadium with the capacity of around 30 thousand people. The stadium has also been as a UEFA Euro Cup 2004 venue. There are two main entrances/exits of the stadium; at the one end there are rock walls of the quarry and the second end is the open view of the city.

2. Kantrida Stadium

Location: Croatia

It is the second most beautiful football stadium with the capacity of around 12,600 people and is located in Croatia. The stadium has one side covered with deep cliffs as the ground is built on a mountain and the other side there is Adriatic Sea covering it.

3. Eidi Stadium

Location: Faroe Islands

This stadium is located in a village called Eidi next to the North Atlantic waves and has a beautiful scenario as it is surrounded by the sea. The stadium has the capacity of 2000 people.

4. Estadio Hernando Siles

Location: Bolivia

It is one of the most beautiful and professional national stadium in the entire world with the capacity of 40,000 people. It is built at an Altitude of 3,637 metres above the sea level.

5. Victoria Stadium

Location: Gibraltar

It is the multi-use stadium but currently being used for football matches. It has the capacity of 5000 people along with the beautiful background view of a famous rock of the island.

6. Ottmar Hitzfel Stadium

Location: Switzerland

It is one of the most beautiful and valuable stadiums in Europe and is built 2000 metres high above the sea level. People who want to visit it need to travel by a cable car to reach here.

7. Hasteinsvollur Stradium

Location: Iceland

It is also a multi-use stadium which is currently being used for football matches mostly. It has the capacity of 3000 people and is located next to the volcano side.

8. Gospin Dolac

Location: Croatia

This stadium was built in 1989 and has the capacity of 4000 people. The ground is built at the end of the cliff.

9. Marina Bay Stadium

Location: Singapore

Is the most beautiful and largest floating stadium in the world. It is located at the floating platform of Marina reservoir. Its base is made up of steel which can easily deal with the weight of 9000 people.

10. Allianz Stadium

Location: Germany

This stadium has pretty strange exterior view as it is fired up with blue, white or red colors depending on the teams playing there. It has the capacity of around 45,000 people.

That's all for now! Enjoy Football season!

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