Top 16 Rules You Should Follow For A Successful Website

For a successful website, you need lot of efforts to do. Many of you often try to give up so soon because there is a lot of competition out there. Maybe you couldn't find a way to take your blog to the top or you are not aware of the rules that should be followed. So, here is the compiled list of top 15 rules that you should follow for a successful website and its Search Engine Optimization.

Let's Start!

Rule#1: You have to make sure that your website takes less loading time (Google loves those sites that loads quickly). Just be careful about memory intensive and conflicting plugins.

Rule#2: You need to secure your website from bad hackers soon before it gets hacked. At the other hand, you have to take care of the backup of your website. Choose best hosting which does automatically backup your website up-to-date or you have to be careful about keeping your website's offline backup yourself. Nowadays, has a lead for providing high-class security and best backing up process.

Rule#3: When it comes to choose the Domain name extension, we recommend you to choose .com domain. And also be careful not to use Dash (-) sign between the words you choose for your domain unless there is really not any alternative.

Rule#4: You need to build an email list for your website.

Rule#5: You have to be careful about the broken links that we often don't know about. You have to use the best broken links checker for it. Remove the broken links from your website or it could harm your website's SEO.

Rule#6: You should have to hire someone to look-after your social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+) and bring great outcome unless you are not ready yourself for it to take along.

Rule#7: You should also make a business plan for your website. Doesn't matter if you start with a little, just focus on it. Think about something different!

Rule#8: You have to focus on every possible aspect for website traffic like; Social Media, Google, Email Marketing, Quality Content, Info Graphics etc. Be sure not to focus on just one - you'll get nothing!

Rule#9: Content is the king! So, be sure to keep updating your content by time-to-time. It all depends on whether you update it regularly, weekly or monthly. Stick to your plans!

Rule#10: Give out your contact details that makes it easier for people to give your website a feedback. Many people will give negative comments about your website which will help you to improve, while there are some people who will help you for your website through reporting bugs and content errors.

Rule#11: Never let people know about your plans before you completing them yourself. People will start giving suggestions and maybe you'll get in pressure with that. But if you think that the suggestions you get from people are pretty helpful for you, then ignore this RULE!

Rule#12: Never give negative response to your emails and comments that you get from people. It's a feedback. But if you think they are wrong, just move ahead because they're giving their opinion. It will be a waste of time if you're trying to prove yourself right in front of them your whole life - its not necessary.

Rule#13: As you keep proceeding in your life - ask yourself what changes you've brought in yourself in a day, week, month or year? It is great to do that!

Rule#14: If you are earning good amount of money online, then this is going to be a great idea for you to buy traffic on high percentages (means to pay for advertisements).

Rule#15: If you feel that the other blog of your niche is more competitive, don't be afraid! Just remember that they're competitive because of earning money from that niche. Move on!

Rule#16: Keep moving forward and keep trying your best - just never give up! This is how you are gonna reach your success.

That's all for now! We will keep updating the list if we'll find out something more interesting and important for a successful website.

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