A Look At The Earnings Of PTI Chairman Imran Khan

Imran Khan is a former cricketer of Pakistan and also a great leader of Pakistan. Imran Khan is ranked among the most influential people of Pakistan. He has achieved great records in life as a cricketer, as a politician and also as a chairman of Shukat Khanum Memorial Hospital. As the country is been targeted by lot of chaos these days, people are still wondering to know about his earnings. Scroll down!

His Cricket Career

Imran Khan was known as one of the most influenced cricketers in the world who has picked his career from Pakistan and he is a great all-rounder in the world after Garry Sobers. Imran Khan wasn't just a fast bowler but also he was a great batsmen with unpredictable playing techniques. He was a captain of Pakistan Cricket Team and always leaded the whole team towards the risings. In his whole cricket career, he earned millions of rupees from his national and ODI matches. He is also a cricket commentator that earns him lot of money as well. Imran Khan also had many endorsements, so he also earned lot of money from advertisements and countersignatures. His whole cricket career was fabulous and makes it clear that his earnings were simple and rightful.

His Shaukat Khanum Hospital Project

Imran Khan is also having brilliant social qualities. Imran Khan has always been on top for charity and social works that he does and to which he gives a lot of priority. Major example of his charity and social works is his Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital that he launched in 1991, which is the foremost charity organization with the name of his mother in Pakistan. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust is the solitary cancer hospital in the country, established by Imran Khan. He started the project with the resources of around $25 Million and took it to the top. As you can imagine, the annual budget of his hospital is more than $5 Billion now.

His Political Life

Imran Khan is the chairman of party called Tehreek-e-Insaaf (means Movement For Justice) in Pakistan that he founded in 1996. His objectives and dreams are wonderful as expresses everything in his speeches. He has (no doubt) brilliant political skills which made him one of the most famous leaders of Pakistan. Mr. Khan is financially strong as he declared his assets before the elections of 2013 in Pakistan. He declared all of his assets along with his two bank accounts which are comprised of around Rs.75 Million in 2004, and Rs.81 Million in 2005. Apparently, all of his earnings are undoubtedly unique that one can't deny for sure. He is capable of being in politics with authentic skills that he has already got.

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