10 Big Mistakes That Could Jinx Your SEO Career Eternally!

People often think to move forward with their SEO career which needs lot of efforts - no doubt. The point is that your efforts for SEO should be clear and mistake-free because Google requires pure efforts and that is what all you need to reach #1 rank in Google Search Results - though it's not a easy task! Apparently, once you lose your SEO reputation, it will take ages for you to recover. Let's discuss 10 Big Mistakes that could jinx your SEO career eternally. Scroll down.

Purchasing Links - SCAM!

Are you also looking to buy links? Then be aware that you could also be the victim of such Scam-based SEO firms which promises to provide you confidential and pure links. But unfortunately, it's not true at all. If really those companies are providing pure links, they wouldn't be relevant to your niche. However, this is not gonna help you if you have irrelevant links to rank better. Google strictly takes action against such 'buying links' act which is often considered as 'useful' for many people.

Submission To Bad Link Directories

It is also one of the most COMMON mistake if you're submitting your site to the directories which are unknown-or-any which does makes sense that they could be irrelevant. So, surely it hurts you more! Google has started to penalize such links that you gain from irrelevant directories. However, if that link is even relevant, than it could be less-worth in front of listed sites increases. So, it's not about relying on link directories - but you can do it rarely (could help).

Doing Article Marketing

People often think that the trick of writing article and produce various versions of is by just playing little bit with the wordings of the content and submit them to various 'Free Article Submission' websites to get links out of them in exchange. However, in early times it was a great trick and even Google used to accept that and appreciate that. But as the time goes on, this trick is no more useful for you. Google has got lot of developments time-by-time and it's algorithm has become much better than before. People using such tricks nowadays are being caught 'red-handed' by Google and they get penalize. Many of those links are from third-party websites and Google recognizes them very well as SPAM! Stay Aware!

Overwhelming Keyword Stuff

Using a keyword in a overwhelming manner - means again and again in an article is a biggest mistake. These common/biggest mistakes are the reasons that could jinx your SEO career forever. Most of the people use keywords again and again to get attention of the search engines, but unfortunately, there is no more luck! Google has been so advanced now and they just throw down the pages to the last pages. Be careful! Use your keywords 2 -3 times in a article.

Using Irrelevant Anchor Text

Anchor text is a 'hyperlink' which redirects to the targeted webpage and it helps Google to determine the relevancy of the page. For example, the anchor text "Alexa" must be about the stuff of or related to Alexa(ranks). That's why this thing is much useful and important in SEO. But some people try to do it in a negative way for building SPAM links and for ads - they think it could bring them better ranks. Keep remember that the anchor text should be relevant to the targeted webpage, otherwise you will be penalized by Google straight away.

Remove Broken Links

If your blog has broken links in it - remove them. Because once you'll get permanent viewers and customers, they'll surely visit a webpage enthusiastically. But what if your page shows 404 Page Not Found? You'll definitely lose a customer/viewer. This will gain you bad reputation for sure. Many websites/blogs have broken links in them; though, they're the most biggest aggravation for your viewers and customers. So, you need to take care of your website regularly in order to get rid of Google 'penalty'.

Keeping Hidden Content

Well, this is so-called a black-hat SEO technique to hide your content especially from search engines. However, people use this trick for phishing and promoting something excessively etc, etc. There are many tricks to hide some NEGATIVE content and people who are doing this should get ready to get black-listed and penalized by Google.

Over Interlinking

It's a great SEO practice to keep interlinking your content. What if you do it more-than-enough? Well, that's disastrous. In SEO, interlinking to a page is great - but doing it again and again for a single page or homepages is really BAD. So, you should understand that interlinking your content in limit will be better. Do it frequently with limits!


Many people are not good with writing skills. So what they do? They do copy other's content for their blog-posts even if it's about a single paragraph - WRONG IS WRONG! However, quotes and little bit of stuff is still considerable but not the entire paragraph. Try to build some writing skills, do some efforts. Learn and implement! Much better!

BAD Titles and Meta-Description

There are much stuff like 'Auto-title generator', but ask yourself - do you really want to keep up with that? Whatsoever, if your title is not good than you'll gain bad reputation. Because titles and meta-descriptions are visible to the search engines and that's what takes you to the top as well. Always remember to keep our titles and meta-description naturally attractive. Try to produce attractive and unique title and meta-description for each of your website's page. You'll surely gain good reputation in search engines - positively.

That's all for now! I hope it will help you a lot and you'll learn not to do these mistakes ever to save your SEO career. If you have any thoughts, kindly share with us!

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