10 Best Alternatives Of Paypal

Nowadays many people are more engaged with earning money online with blogging and many other ways. So, for getting their online payments and making transactions, they need flexible platform. However, Paypal is always on top but not everybody is able to get benefits from its services. Here are the 10 Best Paypal Alternatives that you should try if Paypal is not available in your country. Have a look!


This payment platform permits for lot of debit card or cash amount online and provides more and more payment possibilities to the customers. It is allowed to use on all eBay sites including USA and Europe, and it is highly recommended for UK based residents.


Escrow offers best services for little or big transactions and due to its fast processing method for online payments, it is much recommended as a alternative of Paypal.


It offers best and fast services and also allows you to accept your payments directly from your website; making it easier for your customers rather they visit your payment mainframe.


It allows you to accept auction payments and offers convenient way to almost accept all types of online purchases and provides many ways of online payments.


It is a best payment processing network that allows you to access your funds without waiting for a long period of time. That's what makes it great specially when one uses it for buying online business.

Google Checkout

It is Google's own online payment processing platform which makes it easier for you to receive payments online. Its features are much similar to Paypal's and that's why it's called best Paypal alternative.


ClickBank is more on top when it comes to the point of digital sales marketing. Also, it can help you to create and sell e-books, how-to videos, software and many other products that can be downloaded. It is also a best alternative of Paypal for the possibility to expand any business.


It is one of the most easy payment processing platforms in the world which can be used for making and receiving payments online with easy process of money withdrawal by exchange in any local bank.


Payza has made some really good upgrades to its services and their newly optimized tools have made it more user-friendly for everyone. It has become a much great payment processor for receiving payments online and withdrawing money from the bank. It is the best alternative of Paypal.


MerchantInc is a good payment processing platform which allows you to receive online payments without asking for any setup fees. It has many advantages which includes the eBay compatible credit card and many other facilities for International and US based sellers.

That's all! Share your feedback and experiences with these Paypal Alternatives.

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