Top 10 Popular Fashion Websites In The World 2014

Many people look for new fashion trends; like new hairstyles, new dresses, makeup arts and much more. Fashion is not gonna end ever, but it is making new ways and developments on daily basis. Fashion Industry has received lot of priority since many years and that's why some fashion brands are reaching the top due to their fashionable and attractive products. So, some popular brands are providing information of their latest trends regularly. Here is the list of Top 10 Popular Fashion Websites in 2014. Have a look!

Hugo Boss

This is the most remarkable fashion brand in the world. It offers fabulous and eye-catching products for men and women. So, because of their 2014's new trends, they've received traffic on their website in massive quantity. Hugo Boss also provides the facility of shopping men’s suits, luxury watches, bags and perfumes. With its recent developments, it has become the most popular fashion brand in the world.

emploi New York

Emploi New York entirely focuses on the attractive and stylish dresses for women. Recently, it's main focus is on stylish office dresses for women, which has inspired lot of audience towards it. It's official website has received lot of traffic in 2014 due to their latest trends. It's official website is much up-to-date and provides perfect information and facilities regarding their latest products. 

Boucheron Paris

Boucheron Paris is a Paris-based Jewelry Shop which is on top because of its elegant and stylish jewelry. Its official website provides up-to-date information and that's why it's been visited more than thousands of times recently. The main thing people love about it is provision of perfect information of their products.


Versace is being the most leading fashion brand in the world, offering stylish and beautiful products. As the brand is being more popular, their official website is getting more and more visits too, as it's much up-to-date and provides perfect information of their products like Bags, Perfumes, Watches and Bags. Versace is making rapid developments to make their products much stylish and dashing. It's official website also offers the services of online buying and selling market that entice more and more audience towards it.


Prada is one of the most leading fashion brands in the world. At it's official website, they provide up-to-date information about their new fashion trends and new stylish designs. Their products like Handbags, Watches, Bags and Perfumes are being lot more popular because of their striking and fashionable designs. They also offer online shopping facility which seems to be satisfying almost every of their customer.


The official website of 'Ballentynes - Fashion Central' features up-to-date information of their products which include coats, denims, cardigans, shoes and all of their varieties available in all over the world. They also provide online shopping facility for their customers on their website which makes it one of the most famous fashion websites in 2014.


Armani is one of the most popular fashion brands which commenced with elegant garments and gained more and more popularity around the world. With overall success, they launched perfumes, skincare products and some other men's products. Armani's official website provides descriptive information of their products which brought massive traffic to their website and attracts lots of customers to their brand.

Lola New York

Lola New York is an online fashion brand that offers best variety of clothings and jewelry. It features many quality accessories including earrings, necklaces, bracelets and much more. It's website is much informative with good user interface that attracts lots of audience towards it. It's website also offers best services for buying and selling which makes it one of the best fashion websites in the world.


Gucci fashion brand has a great variety of dress ups, foot wears, hand bags and other accessories. It has a best collection of jewelry for women and footwear of best quality, sunglasses and Swiss-made watches for men. Gucci provides all the high-quality products in good price. With all the collection, well categorized is present on their official website attracts more and more audience towards it. They also offer free delivery shipping in all over the world which is a big bonus point for them. Overall, their excellent designs and campaigns are the reason of making it the most popular brand in the world.


Diesel is also one of the best fashion brand in the world which provides best quality dress ups, watches. shoes and bags. It's official website categorized all the products well, with informative description and price tags along. With providing well-written information about their quality products, their official website stands as one of the most popular fashion website in the world.

That all! Hope you'll enjoy these fashion websites.

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