Are You Going To Start A Blog In 2015?

Are You Going To Start A Blog In 2015?

Blogging is being much competitive and though it could be more difficult now to get success. Many of you are looking to start a blog in upcoming year, 2015 which is just 45 days far from us. So, is it a right decision to take to have a blog now? You might like to see these points listed below before taking a decision. Scroll down!

Does Page Rank Matters?

There are lot of people who think to have a blog with the intention to have page rank increase and earning money with advertisements from the sponsors. But do you think Google is going to take a decision of starting their Page Rank updates once again? You'll be proved wrong because there are very less chances that Google is going to do that. However, if you are just going to have a blog because the increase of Google Page Rank, than you need to think about it once again.

Adsense Is Going To Be Very Difficult

Moreover, you are going to think about monetizing your blog with Adsense in order to earn handy amount of money. It is true that Google always pays better and it's been more than a decade but is it gonna happen with a new blog? Will they approve your new blog and let you earn money? Well, that's still a question because Google is very much strict nowadays and they are not going to approve Adsense applications for new blogs unless your blog gets higher amount of unique traffic.

Niche Problem!

What niche will you choose for your blog? Almost every niche is being covered by many of other bloggers. If you don't have something entirely new to write about, than you'll write about something which is already being written by others. However, unless you explore something new in a niche and give it a U-turn than there will be more chances for you to get audience attraction and unique traffic, alongside you can compete with your niche's explorers.


There are many bloggers who are already having leading blogs of particular niches, so there is going to be a big competition, after all. For being a leading blogger, you have to spend lot of time on your blog in order to produce quality content and get unique traffic. If you can do that, than there are chances that you can earn lot of money. Think about starting a blog!

What Do You Think - What Blogging Is?

There are lot of people who just think that they have to make a blog, add some content and generate revenue. It's not like that! Blogging is itself a world where bloggers are 'explorers'. Surely they earn money, but as aforementioned, not so easily. You have to struggle for your blog's content and SEO, most importantly, you should have proper knowledge about blogging. For a blog, you have to choose a proper niche! If all goes good, you will soon start to make money.

It's highly recommended to think before starting a blog in 2015.

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