How Kids Can Make Money ?

How Kids Can Make Money ?

Children have lot of ideas in mind! They should know their objective that they have to learn the most important life time skill of money management that will help them to earn money and be responsible for their money. There are lot of things that children needs to be taught from the younger age so that they will be very care taking about everything as they will grow up. Here we have compiled a list of some suggestions/ideas about How Kids Can Make Money. Many suggestions/ideas are suitable for older kids, while others are great for younger kids. Adults can also take the advantage of this list. Scroll down!


Recycling is a best idea to earn some money and helping the environment. You need to save cans or other recyclables and take them to recycling plant. You just have to find out the nearest recyclers and how much cost they will pay.

Garage Sale

Look for a garage sale at least once in a year and find if there are any unused and unwanted clothes, toys or other items are present. Take them out and sell them!

Lawn Service Business

You can get many opportunities for mowing lawn, raking grass and shovelling snow in the lawn, depending on different seasons. You can charge your money according to the size of the yards. If you have some skills with it than advertise yourself initially from your neighborhood and than so on. You can earn some handy money!

Car Wash

Get some friends together and go for a car wash in neighborhood. You can earn some good pocket money from it!

Write A Book Review

Search for some good sites where you can earn some good money just for writing a good book review. There are many online, just you need to research. Payment could be $0.50 to $2.50 per review.

Help Elderly People In The Neighborhood

There are many elderly people who have some odd works that they probably can't do. So, they need someone to help them with it. Be sure that your parents have no complaints with those neighbors.

Sell Items Online

There are multiple ways to sell items online. You can find items on local stores and than resell them on eBay or any other website by even creating your own online store. You can also sell any used toys, electronic equipments or anything else online easily. Just research for some good websites online.

Provide Pet Care Service

You can also provide pet care service to your neighbors and friends if you know how to do it responsibly. An animal may require multiple activities like playing, washing, training and sometimes a walk. People will pay you good amount of money if you'll be much responsible for their pet when they're not at home.

House-Sit Care

You can provide house-sit care to your neighbors when they are not at home. For example; you can take care of their plants, keep their house neat-n-clean and even check their mail. You need to be very careful and responsible about everything! You'll get good amount of money.

Run A Bake Sale

You need to research on a detailed guide for bake sales and also you need to get adult permission to do it. It is a fantastic idea to earn from bake sales as a KID! :)

Sell Your Video Games

If you have any unwanted or used video games at home than take them to the game store and sell them. Good idea to earn some pocket money!

Teach Computer Skill

If you have any skills in computer, than you can teach some basics to someone and you'll earn good amount of money for it. There are lot of kids who are looking for someone to teach them a computer skill. how about you?

That's all! These ideas are just simplest as what we come up with. You probably as a Kid or Adult can think more deeply about some more effective ideas in your mind. Kids should always start to learn about money management. Never take it as if its too early for them. Let them go for it! Think about it!

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