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27 January, 2015

How To Make Money Illegally?

How To Make Money Illegally?

There are numerous ways to earn money legally and people who are capable to do it are always safe. But what if they can't make money legally? What ways do they choose to fulfill their needs? That's what we're gonna discuss in this article. Apparently, people often go through hard times in their life and face lot of difficulties which we know is a part of life. But some people lose hope so quickly! When they realize that they can't fulfill their hunger with legal money, they choose illegal ways to make money. Those peoples become animals in no time! They forget their critics, morality and responsibility. However, some of those become addicted to illegal activities and do it for longtime, and some of those do it for just some time. We have compiled a list of some most common ways to make money illegally. Scroll down!

Social Media

How To Make Money Illegally?

As we have seen that social media websites like Facebook are being more useful for people nowadays. People provide their whole information on it and post statuses regarding their regular habitual activities. So, hacking in to their accounts is quiet common! Bad hackers (known as 'Black Hats') hack people's accounts and ask their friends for urgent money and so that they can provide their credit card information.

Imposter Scams

How To Make Money Illegally?

In this way, a scammer will choose a person who lives abroad or far away from their family. Scammer will call the family of that person with any reference and ask them for money by deceiving them that their son is in a big trouble. For making their family to believe, they'll make a master plan that can support them to create a fake story. Usually, this method traps old peoples!

Fake Prize Bonds

How To Make Money Illegally?

Many people believe that their luck is going to earn them money through lotteries and prize bonds. So, they mostly participate to get selected in lucky draws. However, the organizations who offer them to participate in lucky draws are not entirely positive to their customers. For example, the company asks its customers to 'buy as many products as they can and they will be selected in the lucky draw' and in the end they give those prizes to their own employees and keep their identity hidden. This is the way of earning lot of money!

Selling Drugs

How To Make Money Illegally?

People are getting addicted to the drugs vastly in all over the world. It has become a cultural activity. Drug dealers are taking more advantage of it because people are addicted to drugs and they can do anything for it. Dealers sell drugs in high prices to the customers and take full advantage of it. Apparently, it's a very profitable business internationally, but very much illegal.

Posting Fake Freelance Jobs

How To Make Money Illegally?

Internet is being much influential nowadays and people are more likely to spend their time using it. Many people do part-time freelance jobs that earn them great money. But it's also used for illegal purposes like; posting a fake freelance job and taking a benefit of freelancer's hard work. Once work is done, the person who posted a job will not pay a single penny to the freelancer and take his work, than he'll sell it to any company for some great amount, later. This is the most common illegal way of making money.


How To Make Money Illegally?

Some people take this method to make money illegally. They do a deep inquiry about a person who belongs to a rich family, mostly. They do a deep inquiry about the victim and take out all their information along with their hidden secrets. What they do next is to blackmail him/her and ask them for money. They threaten him/her that they'll expose their secrets to anybody if they'll not pay him. A lot of people gets trapped in this method!


How To Make Money Illegally?

In this way, kidnappers kidnap a targeted person from a rich family and than they ask for ransom by contacting that person's family. When they go to receive that money, they're brilliantly prepared to face any harm. If it goes well, than they leave the city or country to make sure they never get caught. This seems quiet easiest way to make illegal money!

Donation Scams

How To Make Money Illegally?

This is another way of making money illegally. Donation scamming can be done by going to certain organizations and asking them for donations by presenting some fake cause and fake papers works related to it. Once the donation has been received, disappear from there. That's what some people do and sometimes they get successful, but not every time.

ATM Skimming

How To Make Money Illegally?

Those who have skills in technology side; do this for money-making purpose which is highly illegal and dangerous too. A tiny camera needs to be placed in the ATM room that can record the card number and ATM pin-code of the victim who enters there to withdraw money from ATM machine. Once a proper information is noticed, fake card can be created after that and victim's account could be washed out.

That's all! These were some common ways to make money illegally, but choosing any of these ways to make money is Insane. We don't recommend this to anybody and if you're getting through hard times, you still need to hope for good. A person who chooses a illegal way to live his life has no future and no respect anywhere.

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