How Women Can Earn Online Without Their Own Website?

How Women Can Earn Online Without Their Own Website?

It has been a big deal mostly to start a business from home because plans are much more required for that. However, there are some ways to earn money online which doesn't require to keep you inflexible most of the time in stress and asking you for technical skills. Such types of jobs are suitable for women who can manage to take some free time at home. We actually have figured out the answer for question 'How Women Can Earn Online Without Their Own Website (Or Blog)?'. The ways which we are going to discuss below are the best ones till now and anybody (whether men or women) can have a look at it and give it a try.

Don't forget! These ways doesn't require you to have a website, so don't worry about that!

Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you can earn commission by selling other people's products. It is a very profitable business. There are many companies out there that can hire you to work for them. Affiliate marketing can be done through social media or emails. So, it is not necessary to set up a website.

Social Media Management

If you have guts to do some professional content marketing and can create some successful social media campaigns, then you have a good choice to become a social media manager. In fact, there are lot of companies out there which are failed to keep up with their marketing stuff. They may need you desperately.

They would expect much more from you and so you can expect a payout depending on your efforts. However, you can get more payout depending on how you keep your profile on top. These sort of jobs are in fact available on freelance sites like Elance and other related ones.

Freelance Writing

If you are passionate about writing articles, then you would surely enjoy taking freelance writing projects. There are lot of opportunities for you on freelance websites like Odesk and Elance. In fact, companies and blog owners need good writers to keep up with their work. All you need is good writing experience, portfolio and some good feedback. You can earn Big MONEY!


If you have good writing skills than why not try to write a book on a good topic and give a try to 'self-publishing'. Surely, it will take more time and efforts, but it depends on your choice. Writing a book and getting it published on Amazon or similar website could earn you good money. For some big deals, you have to invest time and efforts at least to get to your success. Think about it!

Show Your Talent And Earn

Well, there is a platform called 'Tallenge' at which you can show off your talent and earn big cash prizes. Tallenge gives opportunity for everyone to come and participate in online competitions. They offer cash prizes up to $100000. Winner is decided as per the votes of viewers, and the good news is that you don't have to pay participation fees at all. Cheers!

Micro Work (Mini Tasks)

Being a micro worker means to accomplish little tasks that you definitely can just in minutes, and for that, there is a platform called They will offer you to do little tasks which include; writing a comment, writing a review, bookmarking, creating backlinks, providing feedback etc.

Just keep in mind that their payouts are not so big, and therefore you can complete the tasks in minutes and expect high amounts, depending on the rate - if you keep it high.

Customer Services

You can become a customer services representative if you have good communication skill and higher computer skills so that you can talk to the customers on phone and operate your computer along with it, or maybe you will just have to chat them online.

There are many companies out there which can hire you immediately.

That's all for now..! I hope that you can figure out the way to earn some money online, hence it's not that easy because you have to manage your time and keep patience for everything. Work is not easy itself, you have to make it easy.

How Women Can Earn Online Without Their Own Website?

Enjoy earning money online and let us know about your experiences below, by giving us a feedback.

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