How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In Minutes? - Best Tips!

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In Minutes? - Best Tips!

Many bloggers, even the professional ones are doing as much as they can for their blog. But sometimes, situation becomes more complicated and even after trying every way to bring traffic to your blog, you FAIL! That usually happens due to multiple reasons that could be figured out if you study your blog thoroughly.

Probably, you are taking care of your audience by publishing a blog post regularly or weekly with more genuine content. But still no luck with traffic! Well, there could be multiple reasons, one of them is 'still not doing well or being competitive'. There was a time some years back when a article containing little content in whatever manners was considered as the best one and receives big boost of traffic. That was because of less attention of people to blogging. Less people used to do blogging at that time, but now with time, it's changed!

Now there are more bloggers who are better in content engaging stuff; producing useful and lengthy informative posts. So, driving traffic could be bit complicated but not unless you do it right and in a competitive way which it should be going as. For making it easier for you to understand, we have compiled a list of some fabulous tips to Drive Traffic To Your Blog In Minutes. Have a look!

First, Spice Things Up By Adding Anecdotes In Your Blog Posts

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In Minutes?

Readers could be inspired by adding a interesting story at the start of your blog posts. That's how many bloggers get traffic and for that, you need to be very creative. Writing a interesting blog post is a key to bring a boost in traffic to your blog. You can end up with many chained readers as they'll love your interesting story-line in blog posts.

Always keep in mind that content is king! If you'll keep a brilliant quality in your blog post, you can get better results. In sense of making it interesting, think about something that really attracts yourself first. Get satisfied with your idea and add that interesting little story in your blog post.  

Your Blog's Niche Should Be A Striking One

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In Minutes?

Choosing blog's topic should be the first priority, because lot of people does the mistake of adding a mixture to the content; doesn't belongs actually to the blog's topic. Choosing many topics could also be a problem if you cannot handle them rightly. For choosing your blog's topic:

First, make your mind about what you are passionate about to write on your blog. Take a paper and starting writing down all the topics on a piece of paper, so it could be easy to decide which topic to choose.

Second, after writing everything on a piece of paper, try to think about the aspects of that topic that you like the most. The core concept and discovering new aspects would be a brilliant idea to give knowledge to your readers. They would surely love something new to learn for sure.

If you have difficulty to choose one topic, then choose one more but be careful about it when you do write content belonging to it. Don't mix them up with anything irrelevant to the topic of your blog. If readers won't understand the post, your blog's reputation could be in Danger! Overall, topic should be creative for the content you write and it will drive unique visitors to your blog for sure.

Analyze Your Blog Post Title Before Publishing It

You must be preparing a best blog post of your day, or week, or month, or maybe of year, because it all depends on how unique and useful content it contains. So, titles play a big role here when writing a best blog post. A title of your blog post must be attractive enough to inspire more audience for your blog. Choose a powerful title for your blog post. Analyze it yourself through the relevant keywords on Google or use a tool like CoSchedule to analyze the headline score for your blog post. It could be handy!

CoSchedule could be a good choice as well because it can tell you the overall score of the title that you write in the text-field of this free tool. Once you see your blog post score is powerful enough to get hands to it, then choose it and use it. CoSchedule is a free tool (That's a big benefit for you) and it also let you to identify the overall score of your blog post title with grammar, readability and it's structure which is very much important. You can also identify the 'common words', 'uncommon words', 'words power' and 'emotional words' that you've used in your blog title. Isn't it pretty handy? Really helpful indeed!

Make Your Blog Technically Improved

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In Minutes?

Yes, your blog's technical issues can cause you lot of trouble with time to time. For example, if your blog's loading time is too much higher, readers won't visit it anymore. Because when people really want to learn something from your blog, they'll expect quick entrance to your blog. If it'll take time to load, your readers will become sort of Bored and start figuring out something else.

So, if you can choose a good-looking and light weight theme for your blog, than it won't be much heavier and the loading time would be perfect. Make sure of it!

Plus, keep checking your blog for any possible errors and broken links. Readers won't like any mess on your blog. So, it would be a good idea to spend more time on your blog to keep it up-to-date for everything.

Enable Social Sharing On Your Blog

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In Minutes?

It's really helpful! Enabling social sharing on your blog can also be a way to promote your content on social sharing websites. Because if your post is really informative, readers would share them on social media with everyone. Your blog post's title would play a vital role because people would first see the title of your post. Make sure you keep it short in length and brilliant in quality. It would surely attract more audience towards your blog post. I personally recommend to enable social sharing buttons on your blog. It really helps!

Add Call-To-Action To Your Blog Posts

Well this is the most attentive idea! Adding a brilliant call-to-action to your blog posts could enable your readers to also check more of your content that engages more ideas about a specific 'topic' on which the whole post relies.

However, there are several ways to apply call-to-action to your blog posts or directly to your blog. It could a fabulous poll that your readers will really like to answer, or maybe a recommendation for another relevant and more thorough post. That all depends on how you want to do it. Search for some tools on call-to-action or ideas to apply it by yourself. Once you'll get an idea about doing it, you'll love doing it for every of your post and hopefully your readers will love it.

Produce Some Fabulous Posts With Time - Not Too Much

Did you get the meaning of that? Well, that's pretty simple! Produce a good number of best posts and try to stick to that. Means overwhelming posts could also be a cause of bad reputation and seriously, nobody wants that to happen. So, that's definitely a good idea to keep up a level of "Not-Too-Much and Not-Too-Less". Keep your posting at the balanced level so that your blog gets more attention on your best.

Bloggers do get huge traffic by performing more blogging on monthly basis. But it's a very good suggestion to keep 4-5 blog posts per week. It would boost the reputation of your blog as well as your content will be more engaged. And more important, you'll never lose your subscribers on the blog.

Commence A Forum On Your Blog

It will also be a great step to take if you'll start forum on your blog. Because you can get more and more traffic through the discussions that takes place on your blog. In fact, it will receive good keywords as well.

First, you might have to study other forums. Search for good forums belonging/related to your niche and create a free account there. You'll get a brilliant idea from them. So then, you can start your own without any difficulty.

For WordPress users, there is a plugin called bbPress plugin to take a start with.

Keep In Touch With Other Bloggers Who Send Traffic On Your Blog

It's a key thing to keep in touch with other bloggers. There are several tools to keep an eye on your backlinks. It will be a great idea as well. Backlinks you'll gain will increase the SEO of your blog. It's a great benefit.

Don't Forget To Respond Feedback On Your Blog - It's A Great Sign!

The feedback you get on your blog posts are the most important part of receiving traffic. If you will respond them, you'll keep your readers feel happy about your blog and also some blogs claim that your responses to the feedback would really affect your blog's SEO as well. But it would be good for your blog!

You can also use links in the comment box. It will redirect your readers to that link on your blog which would increase more reputation of your blog. It all works for driving traffic to your blog. Focus on responding them with good respect and you'll win their hearts.


All the tips above are perfect for your blog. You need to invest your time working on your blog. Focus on few tips from above because not all of them will work so quickly.

Don't worry! You'll get the results soon after implementing the aforementioned tips on your blog. If it's not 30 minutes, than wait for some more time. It depends on how perfectly you implement them. You'll get a permanent boost to your blog within minutes if everything goes perfectly. Everything depends on how much time you spend on working on your blog.

We wish you all the best for your success! Hopefully, this article is going to help you with your blog's traffic issues.

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